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October 2021

What happened to Arsenal on your birthday? Here is the data for 22 June

Many of the supporters I have talked with about the development of the Arsenal anniversary files have told me that on finding the whole set of 7000+ anniversaries on this set the first thing they have done is look to see what happened on their birthday.

And I think of this because today, by chance, […]

If we ever create “Arsenal Day” it has to be 22 June

By Tony Attwood

OK I am biased – because 22 June is my birthday. But it is also the day that made me think of creating the Anniversary Files of Arsenal – files that now contain over 5000 important Arsenal events, the largest collection ever gathered together.

Of course it is a nerdy sort of […]

Bob Turnbull born 22 June – Arsenal’s record scorer.

Robert Hamilton “Bob” Turnbull was born on the 1st anniversary of the foundation of Woolwich Arsenal (well, the anniversary of their first ever AGM) on 22 June 1893.

He had a military training with the Royal Corps of Signals, and played initially for the Royal Engineers AFC – a club with a most illustrious history, […]

30 June: the day for releasing end of contract players

The list of the 270+ videos we have gathered commemorating events on individual days are to be found via this link. We are also developing our video collection series in which we are gathering together the best videos we have against each club we have played in recent years – and adding some new ones […]

Players beware: don’t sign for Arsenal on 24 June!

The list of the 270+ videos we have gathered commemorating events on individual days are to be found via this link. We are also developing our video collection series in which we are gathering together the best videos we have against each club we have played in recent years – and adding some new ones […]

The fiasco of the 1950 world cup, and a few problems for the 2022 finals.

The 1950 world cup began on this day, and as you can read in the summary below, it was a total farce. One might have hoped that after this fiasco Fifa could have started to get things sorted out, but it seems not. At the moment of writing today’s anniversary page we find that Infantino, […]

Sir Henry Norris prepares to leave Arsenal, his job complete. May/June 1927

By Tony Attwood

This continues our history of Henry Norris at the Arsenal; there is a link to the full series at the end of this article.

In the last chapter we saw Arsenal recover somewhat in the League, but then lose the FA Cup final to Cardiff. Although today it is generally assumed […]

The one and only time Arsenal played a league match in June

The Anniversary Files

Here are the Arsenal (and occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today taken from the complete files of over 6000 Arsenal anniversaries which appear on the Arsenal History Society website. An index to the Anniversary files can be found in the left column of this site under “Pages”

The current […]

October 1922: Henry Norris withdraws, Arsenal in dire straits

By Tony Attwood

October 1922 was scheduled to be a very busy month for Arsenal with not only the regular league games but also some friendlies and London FA Cup matches also. Here is the table for the start of the month.

Pos Team P W D L F A GAv Pts 1 Liverpool 8 […]

Arsenal Sept 1922: the first Hill-Wood arrives, Spurs seriously warned, Arsenal debts reduced

By Tony Attwood

1921/2 had been a dreadful season in which Arsenal had almost gone down to Division II. A look at the final table does not really reveal the closeness of the disaster, and in reality Arsenal’s survival was as much down to the failures of Bradford City and Manchester United at the end […]

Norris breaks free, transfer fees spiral, terrorism returns, fixtures look awful. Arsenal – Summer of 1922.

By Tony Attwood

This article covers the summer of 1922. There is an index to the main articles in the series covering the most controversial elements of Sir Henry Norris’ time at Arsenal at the foot of the page. The full index to the articles in this series appears on the page Henry Norris at […]

1922: Arsenal’s end of the season tour and summary of games

by Tony Attwood

On 6 May 1922, after a dismal season which included 5 consecutive defeats Arsenal rounded the league off with four wins and a draw in the last five to finish with Arsenal 1 Bradford C 0 and 17th place in the league. Here is the final table…

Pos Team Pld W D […]

April 1922: Arsenal and Man U fight against relegation. Only one survives.

By Tony Attwood

You may recall that through much of the early part of 1922 we have been reporting that Sir Henry Norris was out of the country recuperating from an illness first in Italy and then in France. In the days before antibiotics (Alexander Fleming did not discover penicillin under 1928) heading for the […]

March 1922: Desperate times for Arsenal, Norris returns and another allegation overturned

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal entered March 1922 with the League table looking rather parlous. The one hopeful bit of news was that although Manchester United had of late climbed above Arsenal, they had played two games more and had a worse goal average, so a win in one of those two games in hand would […]

Arsenal in Feb 1922. Norris missing, Cup success, relegation threatens, and a monkey

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal’s position had recovered a little in January 1922 and the club, although still in trouble, were at least above the relegation zone.

Pos Club P W D L F A GAv Pts 18 Blackburn Rovers 27 6 9 12 35 40 0.875 21 19 Birmingham City 25 9 3 13 30 […]

Arsenal in January 1922. Progress resumes

By Tony Attwood

1922 saw the British Empire at its absolute height covering about a quarter of the world and ruling over a quarter of the world’s population. It grew no further.

And it was a country undergoing changes. 70,000 new cars a year were being produced and the number was increasing dramatically as the […]

May/June 1921: Knighton the fantasist. The fourth allegation.

by Tony Attwood

This article updated 15 June 2018 with the addition of the London Combination table and commentary thereon.

Arsenal played five games in May, the home and away league games against Liverpool and three friendly games. It was also a month in which an interview with the manager Leslie Knighton appeared in a […]

Arsenal in the 70s part 25: Jan to June 1980. Farewell Liam Brady.

By Tony Attwood

There is an index to this series of articles at the foot of the page.

Arsenal finished the 1970s in fourth, not only eight points behind the leaders, but also with a significantly lower goal scoring rate than the clubs above.

P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Liverpool 22 […]

Arsenal in the 70s part 23. Jan-June 79. The trophy drought is over

by Tony Attwood

January 1979 started in the traditional fashion with an FA Cup 3rd round tie; on this occasion it was Sheffield Wednesday away on 6 January, and the result was a 1-1 draw.

33,635 were in the crowd, and the team was Jennings, Rice, Walford, Price, O’Leary, Young, Brady, Sunderland, Stapleton, Gatting, Rix. […]

Arsenal in the 70s part 22. July to Dec 1978. Surviving without Macdonald.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal had finished the previous season with disappointment – slipping to 5th when for a while second place was on offer, and being beaten by a very poor Ipswich team in the Cup Final and losing in the semi-final of the League Cup to a dour defensive Liverpool.

It was these disappointments […]

Arsenal in the 70s, Part 21: Jan to June 1978


By Tony Attwood

Arsenal ended the old year in fourth position in the league…

P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Nottingham Forest 23 16 4 3 44 14 +30 36 2 Everton 23 12 7 4 47 27 +20 31 3 Liverpool 23 12 6 5 30 16 +14 30 4 […]

Arsenal in the 70s: 19. Jan to June 77. Arsenal’s worst ever run ever. Jimmy Hill stoops low.

By Tony Attwood

Updated 8 Feb with end of season friendlies added.

Arsenal ended 1976 in sixth place, seven points behind the league leaders with three games in hand.

They began the new year at home to the much disliked Leeds United on 3 January 1977 in a match in which Alan Hudson, the man […]

Arsenal in the 70s part 16. Jan to June 1976: the end of Mee

By Tony Attwood

An index to the whole series of articles tracing Arsenal’s history through the 70s is given at the end of this piece.

We left Arsenal in the last episode having won just two out of their six games in December, having scored two goals in their seven games. The league table at […]

Arsenal in the 70s, part 14. Jan to June 1975 – trying to send Tottenham down

By Tony Attwood

The story so far…

Arsenal in the 70s, part 1: the re-birth of the club. 1969/70 Arsenal in the 70s, part 2: preparing for the impossible. (July to December 1970) Arsenal in the 70s, part 3: The Golden Treble Arsenal in the 70s, part 4: What went so right in 1971, and […]

Arsenal in the 70s Part 12: Jan to June 74. Farewell Bob, hello Liam.

By Tony Attwood

We left Arsenal 16th in the League at the end of December, 16 points off the leaders, Leeds, and only 7 points above the third relegation spot – newly created for this season, plus knocked out of the League cup by Tranmere. Some serious improvement was needed – and quickly.

Unfortunately this […]