Arsenal player Reg Tricker: can you identify the picture – do you have more information?


We have written about Reg Tricker in the past on this site – a link to the article is below, but in essence we know he came from India, was signed by Chapman and eventually moved on to Margate.

We also know that Arsenal had strong links with Margate and used them as a feeder club for a while, so it is possible that aside from playing for Margate Reg was also a scout or trainer or indeed assessor of young players who might become Arsenal men in the future.

Additionally, Wikipedia has quite a lot on Reg Tricker  In all he played just 12 games for Arsenal but in those 12 games scored five goals – not a bad return for an inside forward.  After ending his footballing career he became Head of PE at Owen’s School in Islington.

But what we now have is a photograph…

This has kindly been provided by a member of Reg Tricker’s family with the question – can anyone identify any of the players.

I would also throw in the question: what ground is that?   My guess would be Leyton Orient in the days when they were Clapton Orient – but I might be widely out.

All information welcome!  You can reply in the normal way through comments below, or if you have a photo or wish to write to me directly it is

Our original article on Reg appears at 

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