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October 2021

Arsenal v West Brom, Jan 1964. A personal memory

By Nigel Tremlett

My father took me to my first game at the age of seven and I can remember it so well: a 3-1 defeat to Luton Town in March 1957.

Our goal was scored by Derek Tapscott, who drilled it in from the edge of the area, but I cried all the […]

We’ve got our own column in the official Arsenal programme this season. Please buy one!

by Tony Attwood

This season the official Arsenal programme will include a column called “Arsenal Uncovered”.

Now as you may know, I edit a blog called Untold Arsenal, as well as this history blog, and the fact that “Uncovered” is going to include quite a few history incidents, and that prefix “Un” appears in both […]

Woolwich Arsenal 0 Sheffield United 0. Sept 1910.

By Tony Attwood

Saturday September 10th, 1910. One hundred years ago.

The crowd was 14,000 and the goalless draw left Arsenal with two draws and a defeat from the first three games, having scored 2 goals and let in three. At least having already lost three key players in the first two games there were […]

100 years ago it was cup weekend, and Arsenal had no game

Arsenal had no game this weekend because they had been knocked out of the cup. The match they should have played was moved to the monday (no hanging about for re-arranged fixture organisation or permission from the police 100 years back).

Meanwhile Henry Norris had gone cool on the issue of Woolwich Arsenal, and predicted […]

Arsenal watched from a hot air balloon plus a really intriguing question

First, Jacko Jones’ review of Arsenal against Blackburn 100 years ago where the writer states that he watched from a hot air balloon….

Woolwich Arsenal met with Blackburn Rovers in the Football League Division I on Saturday, It was too cold for standing on the terraces, with a fierce wind blowing across the pitch so […]

100 years ago to the day, Norris expresses his first interest in Arsenal

On 22 January 1910 Arsenal won a league match (a rarity in itself in a rotten season), but events elsewhere overshadowed the win.

However I have a real feeling that very few people actually realised just how desperate things were that weekend – and indeed if one didn’t go to either of the meetings on […]

Will Arsenal be relegated? Arsenal v Boro, 100 years ago

There’s no indication that the Woolwich Arsenal players had anything to do with the two momentous meetings held in Woolwich Town Hall on 22 January 1910 – the meetings which set in train the events that ended up with the formation of the modern Arsenal. After all they had a game to play, and they […]

Is football real or is it all made up?

Here’s a story related to today’s game of Arsenal v Wolverhampton Wanderers which you might not believe straight off…

In the summer of 1967, Wolverhampton W. played in the United Soccer Association – a league of 12 clubs in Canada and the USA.

Each club was a club from elsewhere in the world, rebranded with […]