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December 2021

Arsenal in the 70s part 10. Jan to June 73 – being screwed by the league and the prelude to deep decline.

By Tony Attwood

We ended the last piece on the 1970s at the end of 1972 with the league table looking like this

P W D L F A GAv Pts 1 Liverpool 25 16 6 3 49 26 1.89 38 2 Arsenal 26 14 7 5 34 24 1.42 35 3 Leeds United 24 […]

Happy Birthday Arsène Wenger; 22 October 2015

Arsène Wenger OBE is the longest serving and most successful Arsenal manager of all time. Indeed it is no exaggeration to say that he has singlehandedly created the second Arsenal Golden Age, while at the same time revolutionising English top division football.

The first Arsenal Golden Age ran of course from 1930 to 1953, encompassing […]

Anniversaries 06: June

Last major update of this file: 3 July 2021


? June 1892: Alf Singleton and Henry Stewart surprisingly failed to get elected to the committee running Royal Arsenal – the first sign of the split within the club that ultimately led to the formation of professional Woolwich Arsenal and amateur Royal Ordnance Factories as […]

Manu Petit; scored in world cup finals 24 June

Emmanuel Laurent “Manu” Petit was born 22 September 1970 and was one of the early classic signings by Arsène Wenger, who brought Petit from his earlier French club, Monaco.

Petit was born in Dieppe and was signed by Arsène Wenger at the age of 18 and soon became a regular player in the midfield. By […]

3 June: Jimmy Logie joins Arsenal

3 June 1939 Jimmy James Tullis Logie was signed from Lochore Welfare.

And what a time to sign – within 3 months we were at war with Germany, and Jimmy’s playing career was put on hold. But despite that he played 296 league games, scoring 68 goals and 30 cup games with 8 goals.

Jimmy […]

The day Herbert Chapman took up his job at Arsenal

The list of the 270+ videos we have gathered commemorating events on individual days are to be found via this link. We are also developing our video collection series in which we are gathering together the best videos we have against each club we have played in recent years – and adding some new ones […]

Arsenal in the summer 2017: the signing of Lacazette

The Arsenal in the Summer series looks at what has happened to the club during the summer months, year on year. Over 60 seasons have been covered in this series, and there is a full index here.

It is extraordinary how Arsenal’s summers have changed and evolved over time and I do hope you find […]

Arsenal’s first AGM, a great benefactor passes way, Chapman signs all on this day

I guess that most people who look at any sort of anniversary files take a particular interest in what happened on their birthday. I’m no exception, and today is my birthday, which I am delighted to share with this being the date of the first ever AGM of Woolwich Arsenal FC – as the club […]

When Arsenal’s 15 year plan to become the biggest club in the league, came to fruition.

By Tony Attwood

In our last episode we saw Arsenal manager Leslie Knighton either resign or be sacked from Arsenal immediately the 1924/5 season was over, and then rather peculiarly seemingly work out two week’s notice. During that time an advertisement appeared in Athletic News advertising the post of manager at Arsenal.

We also considered […]

Woolwich Arsenal begins, Chapman arrives, our first benefactor dies

The Arsenal Anniversary Files

Below are the Arsenal (and occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today taken from the complete files of over 6000 Arsenal anniversaries which appear on the Arsenal History Society website. An index to the Anniversary files can be found in the left column of this site under “Pages”

The current […]

Why did Arsenal manager Knighton turn down Man City but not buy players? Summer of 1921.

by Tony Attwood

June 1921 was not exactly a time of fun and laughter in the UK. In politics the Parliament of Northern Ireland assembled for the first time as the Irish war continued. In a Westminster by-election and “Anti-Waste” candidate (meaning against any government involvement in industrial redevelopment, supporting the poor etc) won the […]

Henry Norris at the Arsenal 11: 1912 and Arsenal plan to move away from Plumstead

By Tony Attwood

In the last article we reached the transfer of Dick Roose to Arsenal while Arsenal struggled to recapture the form that led to a mid table finish in 1910/11.

The arrival of Dick Roose in 1912 was a masterstroke by Norris, putting Woolwich Arsenal back on the back pages, as it were. […]

Henry Norris at the Arsenal part 10: the summer and autumn of 1911

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal had had a run of 11 games without defeat at the end of the 1910/11, and an overall increase in attendances of almost 10% over the previous season. This was not enough to scoop back the huge losses in crowd numbers Arsenal had suffered from their heyday when they were the […]

The end of Knighton, Herbert Chapman’s arrival, the truth about “WM” and a new club high

I have recently been writing about Arsenal’s summers – simply because no one seems to have gathered the summer pre and post season campaigns and signings together before. But I have had several comments to the effect that it would be even better if a similar style could be used but for the whole season […]

1925: Arsenal’s pre-season. The arrival of Chapman

By Tony Attwood

Before Chapman arrived

Defeat to Liverpool on 3 January 1925 started a run of 6 consecutive defeats during which Arsenal scored 2 goals. Worse, in utter desperation on 14 January 1925 the Arsenal manager started experimenting by giving drugs to the Arsenal players – as he revealed in his later memoires.

On […]

1893: the first Arsenal pre-season

by Tony Attwood

I started this series of articles about Arsenal’s pre-season campaigns simply because I couldn’t find a comprehensive record anywhere else and I kept wanted to check details. I could see the results of friendlies, of course, and separately the transfers, but no overall view of what happened in each pre-season.

But now, […]

1983 pre season: the horrors of being an Arsenal supporter

By Tony Attwood

Oh the horrors of being an Arsenal supporter in the early 1980s!

1982/3 was part of the era of Liverpool dominance – they won the European Cup, League Cup and the First Division. It was also the era in which all players who qualified to play for England played in England. And […]

James Bigden; part of the WHU exodus to Arsenal


James Bigden was born in the West Ham region of London in 1880 and played first for Gravesend United before joining West Ham in 1901 (sorry I don’t have the date), with whom he was celebrated as a key player, making 91 appearances and scoring 5 goals.

Charlie Nicholas: our man at Sky

I must admit I have a soft spot for Charlie Nicholas. Maybe because I sat next to him once when he was out of favour at Arsenal and he just took a regular seat in the stand. He was charming.

Maybe because he has resolutely supported Arsene Wenger and Arsenal when all the other ex-Arsenal […]

Arsenal’s Chairmen – Part 1

by Andy Kelly and Mark Andrews (@Gooner_AK) (@RoyalArsenalMRA)

Following the recent announcement that Sir Chips Keswick had replaced Peter Hill-Wood as chairman we thought it would interesting to look at Arsenal’s previous chairmen. With 22 people having held this position we have broken this down into more readable articles.

Royal Arsenal (1886 – […]

5th May: Arsenal announces its new name

By Tony Attwood

As you may know, if you have been keeping up, Arsenal played one game as Dial Square before becoming Royal Arsenal.

That was all in 1886, and in 1890 things had moved on far enough for the club to sign a lease to rent the Invicta Ground in Plumstead – that lease […]

Tom Whittaker: Arsenal’s 4th longest serving manager

Tom Whittaker is one of Arsenal’s managers. Here is his record

Season League FA Cup 1947/48 1st 3rd (Bradford) 1948/49 5th 4th (Derby) 1949/50 6th Won 1950/51 5th 5th (Man U) 1951/2 3rd Final (Newcastle) 1952/3 1st 6th (Blackpool) 1953/4 12th 4th (Norwich) 1954/5 9th 4th (Wolverhampton) 1955/6 5th 6th (Birmingham) 1956/7* 5th 6th (WBA) […]

George Graham: Arsenal’s second most successful manager for trophies

This article in the series about Arsenal’s managers is about George Graham the manager. A separate article will appear in due course about his playing career.

George managed four clubs: Millwall, Arsenal, Leeds, and Tottenham. His win percentage at Arsenal (48.91%) was the best of his career. At Tottenham it was 39.68%

George took over […]

Arsenal managers: Stewart Houston – still with Arsenal

Stewart Mackie Houston was born on 20 August 1949 in Dunoon in Scotland.

In all he had two separate spells in charge of the club, making him unique in Arsenal’s history. He was manager number 21 and 23.

In his first spell after the sacking of George Graham from March to May 1995 he took […]

Arsenal Managers reviewed: Bruce Rioch

By Tony Attwood

This is part of what is becoming a fairly large series of articles on Arsenal’s managers. There is a full chart of the managers with links to numerous articles about them, and their players.

Also we have a range of charts on that page which highlight the achievements of each manager. Rioch […]