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June 2021

Happy Birthday Freddie Ljungberg, and remembering Ted Drake.

It’s Freddie’s birthday and we wish him many happy returns from the Arsenal History Society.

It is also the day we commemorate the birth of Ted Drake, one of the all-time greatest Arsenal players, and the man who scored all seven goals in one game against Aston Villa.

Here are the anniversaries for today. You […]

When the Boxers played the Jockeys at football at Highbury

On this day in 1951 there was a match at Highbury involving The Boxers v The Jockeys which when you come to think of the size of the average boxer and the size of the average jockey seems a bit unfair.

This match was used in order to test out Highbury’s new floodlights. We don’t […]

Whatever happened to Kwame Ampadu?

Kwame Ampadu played just two games for Arsenal between 1988 and 1991, and had a six match loan spell at Plymouth Argyle during that time as well. He then moved to West Bromwich Albion (49 games), Swansea City (144 games), Leyton Orient (72 games), Exeter City (162 games), Newport County (8 games) and finally Tiverton […]

Whatever happened to Loughborough FC? Arsenal’s strange involvement

Loughborough FC may well not be a club you’ve heard of, unless you study Arsenal’s earliest history, in which case you might know they turn up several times.

They won the Midland League in 1894/5 and then were elected to the second division of the Football League. They didn’t fare well however and in 1900 […]

Whatever happened to Tomas Rosicky?

The most recent news we have of Tomas Rosický became comes from 2018. In January he became assistant to the new Sparta sport director Zdeněk Ščasný. Then on 17 December he replaced Ščasný as a sports director, soon after Ščasný became Sparta head coach.

In Germany, as a player he gained the nickname “The Little […]

Whatever happened to David Bentley?

On 13 June 2014, David Bentley announced his retirement from professional football at the age of 29, having failed to find a team who would sign him since being loaned by Tottenham to Blackburn the year before, where he had played five matches.

In an interview he called modern football “robotic” blaming the influence of […]

Whatever happened to Benik Afobe?

Benik Afobe – whose birthday it is today – was registered with Arsenal from 2010 to 2015, but never played for the first team. He had loans with Huddersfield, Reading, Bolton, Millwall, Sheffield Wednesday and MK Dons before signing for Wolverhampton (scoring 22 goals in 46 games), and later Bournemouth and most recently Stoke – […]

Whatever happened to Matthew Upson?

After joining Arsenal from Luton town in 1997 Matthew Upson played 35 times for Arsenal, and made loan spells to Nottingham Forest, Crystal Palace and Reading before moving on to the two main clubs of his career, Birmingham City (on this day in 2003) and West Ham. He later played for Stoke, Brighton, Leicester and […]

Why it is not always good to sack the boss after a run of poor results.

Letting in five for the third time in a season would be more than enough to lead to mass demonstrations against the manager these days. Fortunately in the 1930s things were just a little calmer, since the manager was Chapman, and he offered to resign. Fortunately the board said no and he stayed.

Here are […]

How the FA tried to cheat an Arsenal player out of compensation for an injury

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Untold Gooner News


Although we tend to think that fake news is a modern concept, there are signs it existed as early as 1926. Arsenal’s Tom Whittaker, who later went […]

Imagine Arsenal as a club owned by its fanbase: we nearly got it.

By Tony Attwood

When Henry Norris agreed to take over Arsenal in 1910, in order to avoid the club going into liquidation and thus ceasing to exist as a League club, he did so on the basis that he would fill the gap in the club’s finances, but then sell the club back to the […]

The first Arsenal floodlit match over 100 years ago, and Tony Adams first game

5 November contains a mixture of curious Arsenal anniversaries. The first report of an Arsenal floodlit match – in 1889! – Arsenal bottom of the league in 1921 with the local press pointing out that abuse of players and the manager is not a constructive argument (clearly the message didn’t sink home), and the last […]

As history shows, fortunes in football can change very rapidly indeed

That fortunes can change in football very quickly has always been apparent, but few changes were more puzzling than the collapse of Arsenal in the early months of the 1935/6 season. Arsenal had just won the league three times running, and in the final of those three seasons Arsenal had not just won by a […]

When Arsenal scored 38 goals in five games.

In 1932 Everton won the league scoring 116 goals in 42 games. That wasn’t the all time record however – for the season before Arsenal had scored 127 as champions, but Aston Villa had scored 128 in coming runners up.

Arsenal came back and won the league again in 1933 with 118 goals scored and […]

The anniversary of the passing of the man who saved Arsenal from oblivion

The Arsenal History Society site contains a wide number of series of articles – these are detailed on the right side of this page under the heading “Pages”. You can find out more about many of them on our home page as well as details of our books.

Here we have today’s anniversaries, including the […]

Why two clubs in a neighbourhood is better than one – and the anniversaries

By Tony Attwood

There were many reasons why Woolwich Arsenal moved from Plumstead to north London in 1913, including the low attendances at matches (which seemed hard to overcome for a club based near the river and thus with no fans to the north). But the fact that despite all the fuss made by supposed […]

Phillipe Senderos reaches the end of his career and the Arsenal anniversaries today

The last I heard of Phillipe Senderos he was playing for Houston Dynamo in the USA but I suspect he finished his contract there last year and has now retired. His reputation among Arsenal fans was not of the highest, but I saw him in a more positive light, as obviously did the Swiss national […]

Man City as champions relegated, Tottenham almost relegated, Arsenal’s title, the 49 begins

The story of Arsenal’s title win on this day in in 1938, their 5th in eight years, required not only their win, but a defeat for Wolverhampton Wanderers – with which they duly obliged. But this was nothing compared to what happened at the foot of the table. Manchester City, the champions of the previous […]

How the untrue stories about Charlie Buchan and Arsenal have grown and grown

It is interesting just how much of Arsenal’s history, beyond the strictly factual accounts of who played and what the score was, is down to the testimony of one man. On this day I am reminded of another such case as Charlie Buchan’s name turns up twice – in 1910 and 1928.

Many know that […]

3 May: Surely the biggest day of all for Arsenal celebrations

By Tony Attwood

If there are days with more Arsenal anniversaries of importance to celebrate, this surely has to be up there with the best of them. But I do actually think this is the biggest day of them all. Bigger than the founding of the original club, bigger than – well everything.

Just consider, […]

Celebrating Freddie Ljungberg’s birthday and all he’s done for Arsenal.

There are many series of articles on this site about Arsenal’s history – you can see an index on the right side of this article under “Pages”. Three of the main series are

Henry Norris at the Arsenal: There is a full index to the series here.

Arsenal in the 1930s: The most comprehensive series […]

7 league defeats in a row plus exit from the cup. And beating Tottenham 5-2

One of the interesting effects in gathering together all the Arsenal anniversaries for a single day is the contrasts it can offer up. In 1977 under Terry Neill’s management Arsenal had seven consecutive league defeats – the all time club record. But also during this run Arsenal lost (on this day in the FA Cup) […]

From the earliest press criticism of the ref to the Queen inviting Arsenal to the palace.

To be fair, I can’t say that the 1910 criticism of the referee in a cartoon in the Woolwich Gazette was the first such suggestion of referee corruption but there were not too many such comments around in the early days. As for Arsenal at Buckingham Palace, this was certainly the first time a squad […]

The extraordinary speed of Arsenal’s decline after the first double; the Arsenal anniversaries

While the first Arsenal double in 1971 is of course remembered as a core part of the club’s history, what happened thereafter is rarely mentioned.

Bertie Mee stayed in office and attempted to introduce a military style approach to managing footballers – footballers who now were immortalised and feted after their achievements. Tension was […]

Arsenal beaten 5-1 by Tottenham, and why it didn’t matter a jot.

Looking for a lost Arsenal player? See our article here.

The Anniversaries …

Below are the Arsenal (and for historical context, occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today taken from the files of over 6000 Arsenal anniversaries which appear on the Arsenal History Society website. You will also find links to the month by […]