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It’s RVPs birthday although we he’s not really being completely honest at the moment

Today is Robin van Persie. It comes just at the moment when he is moving into TV work with BT Sport, a task he seems well suited for since his memory of his own career seems a little hazy, as he has of late been speaking of his time with Manchester United as if he […]

When the FA and League banned sponsor’s names on players’ shirts.

A daily look at Arsenal’s history, by Tony Attwood

It seems hard to credit it, but there was a time (this day in 1977) when the League and FA combined to ban the wearing of a sponsor’s name on the players’ shirts. Quite what the point of this step, which could only help bring more […]

The eccentricity of goalkeepers: Arsenal anniversaries on this day.

Goalkeepers are eccentric – it is one of the fundamental folk lores of football. And if ever there was one who seemed to play up to this vision it was Wojciech Szczęsny, who after a number of incidents finally pushed his manager, Mr Wenger, too far when he was caught smoking after a game. He […]

How sometimes a football blog can have some influence on the game

In 2014 BT Sport had the rights to the Emirates Cup, and spent much of the studio time during the competition making fun of the competition’s organisation and its points awards, with a point awarded for each goal scored.

Quite what BT executives were thinking when they encouraged their anti-Arsenal commentators to laugh about their […]

How many times have Arsenal won the Charity/Community Shield?

Today in 2015 Arsenal won the Community Shield. I rather suspect that while many Arsenal supporters will know how many times Arsenal have won the FA Cup and how many times the League, they might be a little less sure of where things stand in terms of the Community Shield.

And of course this is […]

Remembering the concept of Arsenalisation and the statue of Chapman

By Tony Attwood

Arsenalisation was the term coined to symbolise the programme of turning Arsenal’s new stadium into a place that reflected Arsenal and its history. It was in relation to this that I had the opportunity to put to Ivan Gazidis the notion that there should be statues of the great symbols of Arsenal’s […]