Season 1912/13

This is a page from the Woolwich Arsenal web site which traces and unravels the history of Arsenal FC from the creation of the professional club in Kent, through to modern times.   There is an index for the site at

1912/1913 was the final season for Woolwich Arsenal in Kent. It was a disaster, as we ended 20th in division one, and duly got relegated for the only time in the club’s history.

In this series of articles we are looking at the last ever game at the ground.  Arsenal v Middlesbrough on 26 April 1913 in front of just 3,000 people.

The series


The background articles…

The final game at Woolwich 26 April 1913

The final farewell – newspaper report of the last match in Plumstead – part 1

The final farewell – and why we had to move – part 2

And the articles on each member of the team is at


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