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September 2021

300+ Historic Arsenal videos plus 20 collections

Arsenal History Society is putting a video of a historic match on the site each day where we can find one – we started this on 21 August 2020.  You can find that video here and if you wish to review our complete collection then simply click the link above the headline on the left (in that case and it will take you on to the next video (for 22 August) and so on.

Below is a list of some of the more recent videos from Arsenal’s history.  See also the Anniversary video index

We are building an index of games by day order.

We also have collections of videos of games against certain clubs.

  1. Aston Villa
  2. Brighton
  3. Burnley
  4. Crystal Palace
  5. Chelsea
  6. Everton
  7. Fulham
  8. Leeds United 
  9. Leicester City
  10. Liverpool
  11. Manchester City
  12. Manchester United
  13. Newcastle
  14. Norwich City
  15. Sheffield Utd
  16. Southampton
  17. Tottenham Hotspur
  18. West Bromwich
  19. West Ham
  20. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  21. Villareal 


Here is the list of individual videos

  1. Hammering Man U in the Community Shield
  2. Beating Dunfermline in pre-season
  3. Beating Huddersfield
  4. Missing a penalty but winning 8-0
  5. Barcelona in a pre-season friendly
  6. Arsenal 5 Benfica 1
  7. Winning the Community Shield
  8. Winning the FA Cup for the record number of times.
  9. Angers v Arsenal
  10. Playing Boca Juniors
  11. Beating Benfica 5-2
  12. Kolo Toure talks about Wenger
  13. The most hilarious penalty miss of all time
  14. Mike Dean gives a VAR penalty and one of those looks
  15. 6-0 in the emirates cup
  16. A Pre-season game on a ploughed field
  17. Pre-season against Nagoya Grampus
  18. Pre-season against Weiz
  19. Gençlerbirliği 0 Arsenal 3
  20. Pre-season against Weiz
  21. The Pre-season 2007
  22. The cup semi-final played in July
  23. Mesut Ozil v Bayern Munich
  24. Arsenal v Hangzhou Greentown
  25. Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1 as the late late late season nears its end
  26. Pre-season friendlies in Australia and Malasia
  27. 1-1 against Leicester and 3 defeats in the final 20 games of the season.
  28. Sublime Saka volley as we beat Wolves
  29. 2 July 2019: Gabriel Martinelli every touch
  30. 4-0 against Norwich in our first ever July league game
  31. 28 June 2020: beating Sheffield in the much delayed cup.
  32. Southampton 0 Arsenal 2, June 2020
  33. Arsenal’s anniversaries for 3 June and the video of beating Inter 5-1
  34. Wilshere’s best ever goal and a Theo hattrick on this day: the video
  35. Arsenal beat Man U in the Cup. The full penalty shoot out. Our best video ever?
  36. Arsenal beat Wednesday in the Cup Final replay on this day: the video
  37. The start of the goalscoring run, and a win away to Newcastle: the videos
  38. 18 May: the day Arsenal was on the very edge of going out of business
  39. Winning the FA Cup on this day – watch the video.
  40. Arsenal beat Sunderland on this day
  41. Swamping Villa and destroying Tottenham and Arteta’s last goal
  42. Arsenal knock in four in a brilliant end of season run of games: the video
  43. Arsene Wenger’s final game – the video
  44. Aubameyang can’t stop scoring – watch the video
  45. On this day Arsenal knock in seven – watch the historic video
  46. Arsenal beat Southampton on this day: the video
  47. Arsenal beat Valencia to make it to the Europa final – the video
  48. Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1 – glorious Fabregas
  49. Anniversary of the last match at Highbury: watch the video to the end!
  50. The anniversary of Mr Wenger’s last home game: the videos and the banner
  51. Arsenal against Villareal: videos from the matches through history
  52. Arsenal thump Villa 4-0 on this day: watch the video
  53. Arsenal 3 Sheffield Wednesday 3
  54. How to beat Newcastle: watch the video
  55. 25 years ago, Ian Wright scores against Blackburn. The video
  56. Arsenal v Tottenham as Tottenham seek to avoid relegation: the video
  57. We won the league at White Hart Lane on this day
  58. A staggering, staggering, amazing Kanu goal: the video
  59. It’s Man C Man C Man C, oh Arsenal won. The 2017 Cup semi-final video
  60. Farewell old friend – Mr Wenger’s farewell to Highbury and our banner on Match of the Day
  61. Beating WHAM 3-1 plus Dennis’ goal on Bergkamp Day: on this day at Arsenal
  62. Watch Bolton get hysterical for scoring against Arsenal on this day.  It didn’t last
  63. The player goes down after being fouled.  Isn’t that a penalty?  Arsenal v Norwich
  64. Arsenal equal the all-time record for FA Cup semi-finals
  65. Beating WHAM 3-1 plus Dennis’ goal on Bergkamp Day: on this day at Arsenal
  66. Watch Bolton get hysterical for scoring against Arsenal on this day.  It didn’t last
  67. The player goes down after being fouled.  Isn’t that a penalty?  Arsenal v Norwich
  68. Arsenal equal the all-time record for FA Cup semi-finals
  69. Wigan 1 Arsenal 4
  70. Beating Blackpool, Guendouzi sent off
  71. Up pops Pires: beating Liverpool 4-2
  72. Auba and Welbeck steal the show against Southampton
  73. Arsenal and Villareal
  74. Beating Tottenham in the unbeaten season
  75. Arsenal 4 CSKA Moscow 1 – brilliant football brilliant goals. Watch the video
  76. Happier days: Arsenal 4 Liverpool 1 and a stunning Ozil free kick
  77. David Platt goes in goal and Arsenal win 5-0 (Arsenal v Aston Villa)
  78. Putting four past Watford
  79. Knocking five past Villa
  80. A minute’s silence for Rocky then taking Tottenham apart
  81. Football without emotion: beating Reading 
  82. Two goals down, Diaby sent off and we still win (Bolton)
  83. Arsenal 2 Juventus 0.
  84. Arsenal beat Villa in the 1983 FA Cup, extended highlights
  85. A rare mid-season game for Arsenal on this day in 2019: the video
  86. Chelsea 1 Arsenal 3 and how players used to celebrate
  87. A staggering goal from Arteta (Aston Villa)
  88. Beating Everton: the full match
  89. Arsenal v Manchester United 1994
  90. Newcastle 1 Arsenal 3
  91. Do they do ordinary? Apparently not! (Bolton)
  92. Beating Everton 0-2 away on this day – the video
  93. Henry gets angry but Arsenal still smash Charlton: the video
  94. 2002: Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2 – the video
  95. That wonderful Rosicky screamer against Tottenham at the very start
  96. On this day: beating Milan in the Europa league: the video
  97. Arsenal needed 2 but knocked in 3: beating Rennes on this day – the video
  98. Beating Bayern Munich away 2-0 on this day: they don’t like it up em
  99. The Supreme Player. This day in 2006 – see the video (Liverpool)
  100. 6 consecutive wins, 17 goals.  (Lincoln)
  101. Arsenal beat Manchester United with a Xhaka wonder goal
  102. Arsenal swot Man U aside to set a new cup record
  103. Giroud and Ozil smash Everton to pieces
  104. Arsenal beat WHU
  105. Arsenal beat Milan 3-0: watch the video
  106. Henry looks bored out of his mind as he scores a hatrick
  107. Arsenal are the first English team to beat Milan in the San Siro. The video!
  108. You won’t believe van Persie’s goal against Liverpool
  109. Arsenal beat Portsmouth 2-0 away in the cup
  110. Arsenal beat Everton 2-0 twice
  111. This is a team that looks like Champions
  112. Five different players all score on this day
  113. Beating the Totts 5-2; that’s how you do it.
  114. Beating Palace in the mud
  115. Pepe, Nketiah, Saka, Aubameyang… unbeatable. Watch the video
  116. Watch Arsenal beat Man City 5-1 away on this day
  117. If you only ever watch one video of Arsenal’s history, it should be these four minutes
  118. Arsenal against Sutton United, and the media hopes for an upset
  119. Watch Arsenal’s perfect comeback
  120. Sometimes defeat doesn’t matter a bit
  121. Watch Anelka score against Man U 
  122. The young stars emerge as Arsenal score four
  123. Giggs misses an open goal as Arsenal sweep Man U aside
  124. Beating Leicester 2-1 on this day
  125. Oh la la la as Henry scores
  126. The video from the day on which we so rarely play
  127. Arsenal beat Hull on this day
  128. Beating Leicester on this day
  129. A simple stroll past Huddersfield
  130. Knocking two past chelsea
  131. A brilliant goal from Ozil on this day
  132. A rare film of Arsenal from the first double season
  133. Beyond bizarre: Newcastle 4 Arsenal 4
  134. Arsenal 7 Blackburn 1
  135. Arsenal knock the stuffing out of Palace
  136. An astounding goal from Henry
  137. Beating Tottenham 3-1 oh what fun!
  138. Beating Huddersfield in the FA Cup
  139. Beating Newcastle 3-0
  140. Knocking in five against Southampton 
  141. Saka and Eddie showing their stuff
  142. Knocking three past Brighton and Hove
  143. Beating Farnborough in the Cup
  144. Arsenal go top as we smash Middlesbrough
  145. Watch how excited they get when West Ham score.  (We get five)
  146. Arsenal beat Man U and Sir Alex looks miffed.
  147. Theo’s first ever goal for Arsenal
  148. Beating Chelsea and making it look easy
  149. The classic foul that gives away a penalty
  150. Nothing is impossible when Henry is on the ball
  151. The review of the 1970/71 season on ITV
  152. Beating WHU away 3-0
  153. Henry equals Bastin’s record and we score seven.
  154. Beating Villa away
  155. The entire Arsenal team is banned or injured and we still win
  156. Swatting Stoke aside
  157. Beating Middlesbrough 4-1
  158. Beating Liverpool away 3-6
  159. The Ooooooooooooooo video – beating Leeds in the cup
  160. Knocking 5 past Sheffield U and a bonkers penalty
  161. Young Reiss Nelson scores in the third round of the cup
  162. The start of the FA Cup run in 2002.  Where will it all end?
  163. Beating the tiny Totts 2-0
  164. Arsenal v Chelsea
  165. Ginola’s violence against Arsenal
  166. The incredible scorpion – goal of the year
  167. Beating QPR on New Years Eve
  168. Knocking in four against Portsmouth
  169. Scoring seven on this amazing day
  170. When commentators knew that if a player fell over it wasn’t ALWAYS a foul by Arsenal
  171. Arsenal hammer Chelsea in 2010
  172. Arsenal would swap him for no one
  173. The Greatest Boxing Day Video of them all
  174. What a goal by Brady
  175. Arsenal v Liverpool, the game of the season
  176. Beating Man City
  191. Smashing West Ham 5-1 away
  192. Gilberto Silva is captain in this superb win over Tottenham
  193. The goals that take Arsenal five points clear at the top
  194. Ramsey looks miserable as he scores two goals
  195. Beating West Brom – of course
  196. The Henry and Overmars Show
  197. Knocking in the goals against Bournemouth
  198. The greatest Arsenal game of all time
  199. Ozil’s amazing header in Europe
  200. Liverpool 3 Arsenal 6
  201. A staggeringly brilliant moment from the Unbeaten Season
  202. Brilliant Podolski
  203. Arsenal knock in five away to Middlesbrough
  204. Man U v Arsenal
  205. Beating QPR in 1989
  206. Slamming five past Tottenham
  207. The greatest goal ever against Tottenham
  208. Arsenal beat Liverpool in sudden death shoot out
  209. Arsenal score four – November 1987
  210. The amazing Tottenham 4 Arsenal 5
  211. Arsenal 3 Liverpool 0
  212. Beating Millwall at the Den
  213. Arsenal beat the record for the fastest goal
  214. Smashing Man U in 1997
  215. Beating Tottenham in the unbeaten season
  216. Ian Wright scores a cracker
  217. Arsenal win in Dortmund
  218. Sunderland 0 Arsenal 3
  219. Scoring four in Europe
  220. Arsenal get seven in Europe
  221. Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0 in November
  222. Leeds 1 Arsenal 4, Arsenal “unbeaten – so far”
  223. Arsenal on the Double – beating Derby
  224. Cesc scores the ultimate goal of the season – beating Tottenham
  225. Reading 5 Arsenal 7 you won’t believe what you see
  226. Beating Man City 5-0
  227. A 2-2 draw with Palace
  228. A forgotten but staggering Henry goal from the unbeaten season
  229. The Ox has fun with the Reading defence
  230. Knocking in three against Man City away
  231. Watch Arsenal score seven
  232. Arsenal beat Everton 5-2
  233. Arsenal beat Fenerbache 5-2
  234. Arsenal beat Bayern 2-0
  235. Arsenal beat Prague and Henry gets the record
  236. Beating Watford 3-0 in 2015
  237. Arsenal winning in Greece, with a Greek commentary.
  238. Theo gets two and Ozil the third
  239. Henry beats Watford
  240. Knocking four past Leicester in 1984
  241. Mr Wenger’s first match in charge of Arsenal
  242. One of the all time magic goals
  243. 1987/8 season highlights
  244. Beating Sunderland in 1984
  245. Liverpool 5 Arsenal 5 (we win on pens)
  246. Knocking in five against Fulham
  247. The brilliant Santi
  248. We go 2 down to Chelsea and come back to win 3-2
  249. Scoring three against Man U in 15 mins
  250. Another Ian Wright hattrick
  251. Henry’s famous back-heel goal
  252. One of the greatest goals you will ever see
  253. Beating Porto 4-0, all the goals
  254. Leno’s league debut as we make it five consecutive wins.
  255. The goal that broke the consecutive goals record
  256. Beating Ajax away
  257. Leicester 2 Arsenal 5
  258. WBA in the League Cup
  259. Beating Forest 5-0 in the League Cup
  260. Beating Tottenham in 2015
  261. A man down, 2-1 down and still we beat Villa
  262. Anyone up for a fight? Man U v Arsenal
  263. Freddie scores against Man U on his debut
  264. Beating Sevilla
  265. Henry’s first ever goal, and what a beauty it is
  266. Winning away 4-1, as you do.
  267. Arsenal in Europe and the first ever Arsenal TV game
  268. The Tottenham Arsenal game with the most brilliant goals
  269. Beating Koln and Palace
  270. Ian Wright becomes Arsenal’s top scorer
  271. Two different ways for Arsenal to win
  272. Arsenal smash Bolton in 2010
  273. A surreal free for all.  The ultimate Tottenham game
  274. Back to winning ways with a 3-0 win.
  275. Arsenal hammer Liverpool to top the league for the first time in 12 years.
  276. Arsenal v Coventry on film over 50 years ago.
  277. In the year 2000, Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2
  278. Arsenal beat Tottenham on the way to the Double
  279. Arsenal 3 Chelsea 3 in 1996
  280. How Arsenal smashed the Clough/Taylor bubble
  281. Liverpool 0 Arsenal 2
  282. Arsenal v Tottenham 2013
  283. Arsenal v Man City 1991
  284. Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0; 2008
  285. Arsenal 6 Portsmouth 0 1987.  Lots of police and empty terracing.
  286. Leicester 3 Arsenal 3 1997.  Bergkamp delivers three goals of the season in one game.
  287. Arsenal 3 Celtic 1, 2009
  288. Arsenal 4 Leicester 0.  League match 3 of the third Double season
  289. Four staggering goals against Middlesbrough all in one game.
  290. Bergkamp’s hatrick in 1997
  291. Beating Middlesbrough 5-3
  292. The second match of the third double season and just watch the fouls! (Arsenal v Leeds)

There is also a detailed review of one of today’s stories from history on the AISA website

For details of other recent anniversary posts see the articles on the top left under “Recent posts”.

If you want to contact the AISA Arsenal History Society, then please do write to Tony@schools.co.uk