Bertie Mee

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What makes Bertie Mee so interesting is that he had huge success but with a team that was actually assembled by his predecessor, Billy Wright.  In the articles that follow we record when the player arrived and how many games he played for each manager.

The man

Bertie Mee – the life and times: The trophies, ballroom dancing, left hook and OBE

The prelude

The Prelude: When 4,554 turned up to watch Arsenal and a reign ended

Swindin, Wright, Mee: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light


When Arsenal were bottom of the league

History Special: The flavour of football in 1973 – fights bookings and the end of civilisation

30 January 1971: Arsenal’s title ambitions slip with away defeat to Liverpool

The players

He made it for Mee but was signed by Wright: – Bob Wilson

The players he let go, and the signings Bertie Mee made

Bob McNab – one of the first Mee signings and a key player

Peter Storey – the man to whom I would most like to say thank you.

Frank McLintock, brought in after great success at Leicester

John Radford, king of goal scorers

Peter Simpson: one club three managers

George Armstrong – signed by Swindin, a lifelong servant of Arsenal

Bobby Gould: Arsenal and elsewhere

Jimmy Rimmer: the three season hero

Alan Ball

Sammy Nelson

Billy McCullough

Frank Stapleton

Liam Brady (this collection of articles covers both the Mee and Neil years)

The signing of professional forms

Tottenham 0 Arsenal 5

The last time Arsenal were bottom of the league

We won the cup against Man U

The end of the Mee era and the start of the Neil years

The achievements and the incidentals

The First Double: a series of five quizzes to test your knowledge on 1971

Two games against Birmingham, and the club’s worst runs

Liverpool 2 Arsenal 0 – consecutive defeats mean nothing!

Smashing the transfer record

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