Tom Whittaker

Tom Whittaker was a player for Arsenal, a coach and one of Arsenal’s managers.  Here is his record as a manager…

Season League FA Cup
1947/48 1st 3rd (Bradford)
1948/49 5th 4th (Derby)
1949/50 6th Won
1950/51 5th 5th (Man U)
1951/2 3rd Final (Newcastle)
1952/3 1st 6th (Blackpool)
1953/4 12th 4th (Norwich)
1954/5 9th 4th (Wolverhampton)
1955/6 5th 6th (Birmingham)
1956/7* 5th 6th (WBA)

* Jack Crayston took over in October 1956.

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Tom Whittaker was Arsenal’s 12th manager, and is the 4th in our list of long serving managers (behind Wenger, Mee and Graham).   He had the fifth best win percentage among managers with over 100 games, behind Wenger, Bradshaw, Chapman and Graham.  The full set of tables are here.

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