Woolwich Arsenal were a team from Kent, Tottenham Hotspur were in Middlesex.

How come they ended up as such bitter rivals?

Latest Article: Arsenal beat Tottenham without a ball being kicked – 1 March 1913

The origins: when an Arsenal/Tottenham game at Woolwich was abandoned

Tottenham’s strange election to the football league – an update

When was the last time Tottenham finished a season above Arsenal

Tottenham fans prepare for major celebrations of their anniversary (50 years since winning the league)


Did Tottenham bribe their way into the Football League? (Tottenham gained access to the Football League after coming 8th in the Southern League.  They probably didn’t bribe their way in, but if it was a straight election into the league, then why do they make such a fuss about our election to the first division after coming 5th in division 2?)

Tottenham Hotspur: the dark history.  In 1892 Arsenal attempted to start a new Southern League, and Tottenham applied.  But when the votes for members were cast they got none (other than the one they cast for themselves.  Why?   A look at Tottenham until 1919 – and some commentary on the fact that Tottenham was in Middlesex, not London, until the 1960s.  Plus a bit about London Hotspur – but see the article below for an update on that.

How Tottenham has taken over Arsenal’s history How Woolwich Arsenal and Tottenham H became rivals

Arsenal’s fixed promotion. The story of 1919 told by Tottenham H that  Arsenal bought their way into the first division – but it is a story designed to hide the corruption of others, corruption that the League really didn’t want exposed.  Parts of this story are told in the top two articles above, but this is the complete detailed report.

Tottenham and Arsenal, the inter war years

How Tottenham grew to hate Arsenal – the 50s to the 80s

From the 80s to the present day

Which Hotspur club came first: London Hotspur, Hotspur FC or Tottenham Hotspur?

Tottenham demand a meeting of the Management Committee of the League to stop Arsenal moving north.




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