George Morrell

George Morrell was the last manager in Plumstead and the first manager at Highbury.

There is an analysis of his performance with Arsenal, in comparison with other managers on the Arsenal Managers page.

He is 23rd out of 26 managers in terms of success, and in terms of the managers who managed for more than a short period of time only Leslie Knighton did worse.

The two key articles on him on this site are

George Morrell before and after Arsenal

George Morrell the man who relegated Arsenal

Here is an update on him from Andrew Beatie

And a couple of obvious observations from the census. Torrance & Bryce & Duff middle names of children will be family names connected to either him or the wife. Maybe one is her maiden name.

Birthplace of daughter Martha – Govan, Lanarkshire. Govan is the locus of Ibrox, home of The Rangers F.C.
Birthplace of daughter Marion – Greenock, Renfrewshire. Fits nicely with Greenock Morton F.C.


Here are the other articles thus far on George Morrell…

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5 February 1913  Islington Gazette reports that Arsenal plan to move to Islington, 1913.
6 February 1909.  Arsenal play Millwall in front of a huge crowd, and so the seeds of Arsenal’s later move north


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