The Committee


The Arsenal Managers series


This series of articles reviews the history of Arsenal FC as a league club, through the success or otherwise of its managers.


“The Committee” managed the club from 1893 to 1897.

Here are the details we have on this period of management.

The Index of Managers

You can see a list of all Arsenal managers, and analyses of their success rates, games managed etc etc on the Managers Home Page


The Prelude

Beardsley, Humble, Bates, Danskin

Arsenal elected to the Football League

How Arsenal got into the league

The appointment of the first manager


Articles on The Committee as managers

Woolwich Arsenal under the Committee

The case of Sam Hollis and Bill Parr – sometimes claimed as managers at this time

The very first league match

Woolwich Arsenal in the FA Cup  1894/7

Woolwich Arsenal in the FA Cup : 1893/4

16 March 1896 – Arsenal’s first floodlit game

Arsenal’s first international player


The men who played for The Committee

They played 100+ games for Arsenal



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