Arsenal in the 1930s: the players, the crowds, the tactics

The whole incredible story of Arsenal in the 1930s is being told as a month by month sequence of articles – the index of which you can find here

Along side this there are occasional articles summarising the players and their achievements.

So far these are…

All the men who played in the league for Arsenal 1929/33

1933/34 League players, and how the goals declined but the crowds went up.

Arsenal players 1934/5 and 1935/36, and the fundamental problem with the team

Arsenal players 1936/7, Arsenal crowds in the 30s, and comparisons with earlier years

Arsenal players in the 1937/38 title winning side, and comparisons with earlier seasons

The players and the crowds: Arsenal 1938/9 and comparisons with earlier seasons

In each of these articles you will not only find a list of the players and the number of games, plus some other observations on football at the time, but also links to articles on the players which have been placed on this site.

New articles about players are being added from time to time as the main articles on the progress of the club continue, and these are then indexed in the articles above.

When the series of articles is finished (at the outbreak of war in 1939) a complete index of all the players who played for Arsenal in the 1930s will be produced, along with links to the articles about them.  I’ll also try and publish articles on any players who have not yet been covered in the series.

Tony Attwood