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October 2021

The history of Arsenal website


The  journal of the AISA Arsenal History Society

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The video collection series

We are building an index of videos in day order.  Click here to see how far we have got.

Each article in this series brings together a series of videos of our famous matches against each individual club.

308 historic videos

21 golden greats (for all videos see link above)

  1. Winning the FA Cup
  2. Arsenal beat Sunderland on this day
  3. Swamping Villa and destroying Tottenham and Arteta’s last goal
  4. On this day Arsenal knock in seven – watch the historic video
  5. Arsenal beat Southampton on this day: the video
  6. Arsenal beat Valencia to make it to the Europa final – the video
  7. Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1 – glorious Fabregas
  8. Anniversary of the last match at Highbury: watch the video to the end!
  9. The anniversary of Mr Wenger’s last home game: the videos and the banner
  10. Arsenal against Villareal: videos from the matches through history
  11. Arsenal thump Villa 4-0 on this day: watch the video
  12. Arsenal 3 Sheffield Wednesday 3
  13. How to beat Newcastle: watch the video
  14. 25 years ago, Ian Wright scores against Blackburn. The video
  15. Arsenal v Tottenham as Tottenham seek to avoid relegation: the video
  16. We won the league at White Hart Lane on this day

You can watch more of our historic videos collection here – we have over 230 on the list so far and more are being added every day.

There is also a detailed review of one of today’s stories from history on the AISA website

For details of other recent anniversary posts see the articles on the top left under “Recent posts”

The Arsenal History Society is part of the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association – a body which gives positive support to the club, and has regular meetings with directors and senior officials of the club to represent the views of its members to the club.  You can read more about AISA on its website.

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For all other issues please contact Arsenal History Society at Tony@schools.co.uk

100 Years in the First Division: the absolute complete story of Arsenal’s promotion in 1919.



“Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” is the definitive history of Arsenal from its inception as a league club through to its first year at Highbury, and reveals dramatic elements of Arsenal’s early days that have never been revealed before.

“Making the Arsenal” is a journalist’s inside view of the events around Arsenal’s collapse in 1910 and the rescue that paved the way for the move to Highbury and the arrival of Herbert Chapman.

Both books are now available on Kindle and in print.    Please see here for more details. 


Today’s Arsenal Anniversaries: For the latest story please see the top story in “Recent Posts” on the left of this page.  For the index month by month please see under “Pages” on the right side of the screen.  The file for each month is updated at least once a year, normally at the end of  that month.

Henry Norris at the Arsenal:  There is a full index to the series here.

Arsenal in the 1930s: The most comprehensive series on the decade ever

Arsenal in the 1970s: Every match and every intrigue reviewed in detail.

The series

This site is based around series of articles on specific themes – and you can find links to many of these on this page and on the left column under the heading “Pages”.

Our three giant series are shown above.  Here are some of the other popular series that have been written recently or are actively being updated at  the moment.

Earlier series

If you would like to contribute research or a personal story please do write to Tony@schools.co.uk

Some stories you might enjoy


Please note: The full anniversaries index can be found here.  


Reports on Arsenal’s current activities are on Untold Arsenal

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Classic Articles and series from the Arsenal History Society


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This site represents very much a forum for knocking around ideas and seeking out issues that can be debated. As such we openly acknowledge that some of the notions expressed here might be wrong, facts will be inaccurate and will need correcting. Indeed if you can help us do that, please do either comment on an article, or write a new article for us. Some citation of sources would be good however, rather than just saying “you’re wrong” AISA Arsenal History and Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal