Billy Wright

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Billy Wright….

Here is Billy Wright’s position in our manager list by success rate.  38.46 was the win percentage.

20 George Swindin June 1958 1 May 1962 179 39.11 1
21 Billy Wright May 1962 June 1966 182 38.46
22 Stewart Houston Feb 1995 June 1995 19 36.84
23 George Morrell Feb  1908 April 1915 292 35.27  1*
24 Leslie Knighton April 1919 May 1925 268 34.33
25 Stewart Houston August 1996 Sep 1996 6 33.33
26 Steve Burtenshaw March 1986 May 1986 11 27.27

Billy Wright – great player but Arsenal’s Third Worst Manager

Billy Wright’s players – Joe Baker

Terry Anderson – an Arsenal tragedy

Pat Rice – a success

Sammy Nelson – signed just before Wright left

John Barnwell

George Armstrong

Bob Wilson

When 4554 turned up to watch an Arsenal home match

Dave Bowen

The nine dead years

Billy Wright’s first game for Arsenal – away to Orient.


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  1. No one ever says how many great players Billy signed for Arsenal and how they let HIM down and then all the players he bought , went on to be a brilliant team for Bertie Mee and he got the glory

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