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January 2020
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Lassana Diarra: Arsenal to Portsmouth to Real Madrid to Al Jazira to PSG!

If anyone can piece together an accurate story of Lassana Diarra’s life to date it would make fascinating reading for having signed for Arsenal from Chelsea, he played just 13 times before moving on to Portsmouth – hardly a step up!

And yet after 32 games there he moved to Real Madrid for whom […]

Where are they now: Sol Campbell on the anniversary of his re-joining AFC

On this day in 2010 Sol Campbell rejoined Arsenal for the final time. Nine years later he took up the reigns in his current job as manager of Southend United – on 23 October to be exact.

At that moment the league table for the club looked like this…

Club P W D L F […]

The Top Strikers in Arsenal History

The Top Strikers in Arsenal History

Established over a century ago in London, Arsenal has had quite the glorious history. One of the most successful clubs in the UK, the Gunners have had their fair share of ups and downs. The club has won 13 league titles and a slew of other trophies although it […]

Where are they now? Kanu, Kerrea Gilbert, Mark Randall, Samuel Galindo

This is the website of the Arsenal History Society. You might also enjoy…

Untold Updates videos

We’re back with our videos: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

Football corruption and scandals. Why is it all so under reported? Part 1 Football corruption and scandals. A few stories that did get reported. Part […]

The rise and fall of players in the eyes of fans.

On this day in 2016 Mo Elneny was signed from FC Basel. During the remainder of the season he twice won the fans’ player of the month award. Yet by the start of 2019 he was one of the players that certain blogs and broadcast commentators were wanting removed from the club. Popularity, it seems, […]

The players who never live up to their initial promise…

There are many players who simply never make it, despite early promise, and certainly Yaya Sanogo was one of these. Sanogo has earned caps with the under-16 and under-17 teams of France. including being the under-16s first-choice striker scoring 18 goals in 18 games. And in one pre-season friendly in the emirates cup he did […]

Did the Arsenal manager really drug his own team on this day in 1925?

The infamous story of the Arsenal manager giving his team drugs to enhance their performance in 1925, is oft repeated in history books, but none that I know has actually bothered to check out the details of what looks like a very unlikely tale.

Certainly an investigation into the conditions in London at the time […]

Five red cards in ten games: were they trying to tell us something?

We might be rather upset with referees in the current football climate but in 1996/7 there seemed to be an all-out assault on the club by match officials, with five red cards in ten games. It was Wenger’s first season and there appeared to be a feeling among officialdom that these foreigners the new man […]

The performance of the season in the greatest season of the club.

The unbeaten season was Arsenal’s season of all time, in my view. And one of the games nominated as the performance of the season occurred on this day in 2004 – Mr Wenger naming it thus at the time. It was, for anyone who was there, a really fine affair.

Here are the anniversaries.

10 […]

David Danskin: an Arsenal founder but a man out of step with the majority in the club.

In 29 April 2019 a number of newspapers announced that “For years, the founder of Arsenal FC was buried in an unmarked grave in Coventry,” but that now that was finally put right when the man behind one of the world’s greatest football clubs was finally given the resting place he deserves.”

That man was […]

The case of Jermaine Pennant, a remarkable talent never fully exploited on the pitch.

Jermaine Pennant joined Arsenal on this day in 1999, a stunning talent that was never fulfilled either with Arsenal or with any of the many other clubs he played for. In all he signed for 11 different clubs and went on loan to a further six, his final club being Billericay Town in 2017 for […]

How Arsenal had to separate itself from the local cricket club, in order to spread its wings.

What we tend to forget about the origins of Arsenal is that aside from Dial Square FC there was the Dial Square cricket club, which was much more well established than Dial Square football club. Indeed as far as can be told from the records that survive, Dial Square FC was a subordinate part of […]

Commemorating the tragic early death of Herbert Chapman

Everyone knows the name of Herbert Chapman, not least because he gave Arsenal its first trophies – two league titles and an FA Cup. He is the only manager of the club who is commemorated outside the ground with a statue – thanks to the Arsenal History Society.

But his legacy was even greater than […]

How we discovered when Dial Square FC died and Royal Arsenal was born.

By Tony Attwood

In the past it has often been suggested that Arsenal played a number of games as Dial Square FC before becoming Royal Arsenal FC. In fact this wasn’t true – there was just one match – against Eastern Wanderers.

We discovered the truth of this by asking obvious questions such as “Who […]

19th in the first divison and held by York in the cup: yes it can get worse.

Please note that this site contains the master files of the anniversary details we hold. Each is updated at the end of each month – hence the December file has just been updated in full incorporating changes that were made during the publication of the files in that month 2019. The month by month index […]

Two of the most important comments about Arsenal ever made

Please note that this site contains the master files of the anniversary details we hold. Each is updated at the end of each month – hence the December file has just been updated in full incorporating changes that were made during the publication of the files in that month 2019.

Here is the monthly index […]

The man who ensured that Arsenal would not be owned by its fans

Unravelling Arsenal’s history often involves locating events which of themselves seem rather unimportant, but the existence of which can prove a key issue or disprove a popular theory, which otherwise remains unclear. For example the recording of the match on 2 January 1886 involving Woolwich United suggests that there was an organised team in the […]

Why it is not always good to sack the boss after a run of poor results.

Letting in five for the third time in a season would be more than enough to lead to mass demonstrations against the manager these days. Fortunately in the 1930s things were just a little calmer, since the manager was Chapman, and he offered to resign. Fortunately the board said no and he stayed.

Here are […]

The anniversary of one of the all time classic referee “mistakes”

Two goals stand out on 31 December in Arsenal’s history. One was Jensen’s first ever goal for Arsenal, his failure to score before this becoming the stuff of legends, and the other was a goal so outrageously wrong that even TV commentators found it hard to excuse, in the match in 2017.

Here are the […]

How a poor game in December convinced the directors Arsenal needed a new manager

This day in 1995 was probably a key moment in which it was decided by Arsenal directors that Bruce Rioch was not the man to take the club forward. It was not just that Arsenal were defeated at home by Wimbledon but also that this was followed by a 0-2 defeat to Newcastle.

Arsenal did […]

When Arsenal planned to cut the professional squad to 19 and scrap the youth teams

This day in 1973 marked one of the darkest days in terms of Arsenal’s management and decision making, as Bertie Mee, the man who had delivered the first double, responded to demands from his playing staff for more recognition for their talent in terms of salaries and bonuses, by announcing his plans to cut the […]

Five games in eight days, and Tottenham bottom of the league. The Arsenal anniversaries

These days, playing two games a week (as clubs playing in Europe, the League, the League Cup and the FA Cup regularly do) means having a squad of 25 players, plus a whole load of youngsters who can step up for some of the non-league games against weaker opposition.

Five games in eight days seems […]

When Arsenal scored five or more in nine separate league games in one season.

The notion of scoring five or more goals, in nine different league games in a season seems very unlikely now, but that is what Arsenal did in the 1930/1 season as they proceeded to win the league with a record number of points. On this day in 1930 it was Arsenal 7 Blackpool 1.

Here […]

No Boxing Day Blues for Arsenal – well at least not many

The popularity of Boxing Day matches in recent years means that key events in our three Wenger championship years happened on this day – and there was another particularly vibrant reason to celebrate on a non-trophy year around this time.

In 1977, the Boxing Day game of the second double season gave us the start […]

Playing football on Christmas Day, the Arsenal way.

Football matches on Christmas Day were exceedingly popular until around 1950 by which time supporters were starting to feel more inclined to stay at home with the family on 25 December.

It was in fact simply a decline in crowds that moved matches away from 25 December rather than any regulation, and the occasional experiment […]