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April 2019
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Arsenal’s oldest player, most goals in a game, craziest tour

Three events on 21 April grab the attention. In 1908 Arsenal went on a post-season tour of eight matches in nine days in Scotland. Given that they only took a basic squad with them, and had to travel between each venue, the whole tour must have been tough on the players – but it seemed […]

Farewell Woolwich Arsenal, farewell Arsene Wenger

Anniversaries have a strange habit of coming together in odd ways. When Mr Wenger said he was resigning one year ago today, no one particularly remembered that also on this day in 1914, Woolwich Arsenal disappeared from the club’s name and was replaced by The Arsenal. There is more on this in our series “Henry […]

When Arsenal’s debts were dwarfed by others

Arsenal’s debts as a result of building their new stadium, later renamed the Emirates, were well documented, as was the effect they had on the plans of Arsene Wenger in the transfer market.

But what of Highbury; did the club have similar financial problems after moving there in 1913? In fact when Arsenal moved to […]

Supposing we’d never had the Emirates, but had gone to play at Wembley

The Arsenal anniversary files.

On this day in 2007 David Dein was sacked as director of Arsenal. He had argued consistently at board meetings for Arsenal not to build a new stadium to replace Highbury but instead to move to Wembley on a permanent basis. His crime was to continue to speak in favour of […]

Points for a win? That wasn’t how the League started.

by Tony Attwood

Some older members of the Arsenal fraternity will remember that before 1981 league tables in England were based on two points for a win, one for a draw. Indeed even after the League changed that to three for a win most of football stayed where it had been with two points for […]

Celebrating Freddie Ljungberg’s birthday and all he’s done for Arsenal.

There are many series of articles on this site about Arsenal’s history – you can see an index on the right side of this article under “Pages”. Three of the main series are

Henry Norris at the Arsenal: There is a full index to the series here.

Arsenal in the 1930s: The most comprehensive series […]

When the northern clubs used their muscle to make life difficult for those in the south

In the years following the end of the first world war there was a long period of industrial action, as employers and employees fought it out to see who had the real control over British industry and commerce.

The rail strike of 1921 was thus one of many, but it took on an extra dimension […]

Two and a half years without failing to score at home

Arsenal anniversaries 14 April. Our headline comes from 2001.

All the Arsenal anniversaries can be found on this site – please see the indexes under “Pages” on the right hand side. Also please note we now have copies of “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” back in stock – details on https://blog.woolwicharsenal.co.uk/



When the press protested that TV was editing football matches for its own purposes.

Arsenal anniversaries 13 April

Our headline comes from 1974. Sadly the days of newspapers and now blogs actually criticising TV for its coverage are long gone, even thought the sanitising of football at the behest of the League, Fifa, Uefa and PGMO appears now to be far more extensive than it used to be.

All […]

How one man falsified Arsenal’s history, and has had most journalists fooled for over 70 years

On this day in 1919 Leslie Knighton joined Arsenal as their first post-war manager following the club’s election to the first division. He was a fairly decent if unspectacular manager, and kept Arsenal in the first division – although only just in his last two seasons as Arsenal came close to relegation, leading up to […]

Tottenham refuse to reschedule a game in order to help Arsenal

It has always been the case that when a club wants to have a match rescheduled it can seek to have this done if the League and the other team involved agree. And generally they do, if it incurs no hardship to the opposition and the problem is caused by a bottleneck of fixtures involving […]

Proving that referees can do anything and get away with it.


I’ve just discovered another box of copies of the book “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” our store room, having previously said it was out of print. So both this book and “Making the Arsenal” are now available as printed books, and on Kindle. Please see here for more details.

Proving that referees […]

Arsenal 7 April anniversaries: the end of the road for the great 70s team

It is often forgotten just how short the success of the 1970s double team was – and with a FA Cup semi-final defeat to Sunderland on this day in 1973, the dream of a long term dominant team was just about over. The Double and the Uefa Cup were the trophies, but there were to […]

How the press said Arsenal’s season was in ruins, 39 days before completing the unbeaten campaign


I’ve just discovered another box of copies of the book “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” our store room, having previously said it was out of print. So both this book and “Making the Arsenal” are now available as printed books, and on Kindle. Please see here for more details.


On this […]

Arsenal’s lost players: John William Anderson

We regularly receive requests for information about Arsenal’s lost players. Here’s the latest – please write in if you have any further information.


I am trying to find any photos or MORE ABOUT John William Anderson was born in 1875 in Crook, Durham, Anderson started out at non-league Crook Town before turning professional and […]

Arsenal’s lowest crowd, and Chapman resigns. Arsenal anniversaires on 5 April

Apologies for the non-appearance of the Anniversary files for a few weeks – I was in Australia and had horrific communication problems with total failure of my phone and difficulties with the laptop. But now we are back with the daily anniversary headline, and all the stories for today.

All the anniversary files are contained […]

Three Arsenal matches end 5-4 in two months. What are the chances?

What are the chances of Arsenal losing 4-5 twice in the space of two months, while also, between these games winning another league match 5-4?

It is pretty rare and if you are a betting supporter you might want to try and find something a little more likely to bet on. In which case of […]

4th Place Finishes and the Context of Achievement



If Arsenal win their next league game (1st April vs Newcastle), last season’s points tally will be matched with seven games to spare. You would imagine that the meetings between Unai Emery and the board last summer touched on some pragmatic goals – improve on last season’s finish, secure Champions League football.


Wenger the record breaker, from first to last

On this day in 2017 Arsenal achieved yet another record in their long history of records – more FA Cup semi-finals than any other club. Of course the semi-final is not a trophy, but it was at this moment that the media finally realised that Mr Wenger was on the edge of becoming the most […]

How Tottenham’s actions inadvertently helped Arsenal into the first division

If you are a regular reader of this site you will probably have read how Arsenal helped Tottenham get elected to the Football League in 1908, after the League had turned them down. We know why many clubs would not vote for Tottenham to join the League in 1908 – they had resigned from the […]

How many times have Arsenal finished above Tottenham in the League?

And indeed come to that how many times have Tottenham finished above Arsenal in the League?

There is a bit of an argument about this because quite often the clubs have not been in the same league, and so automatically Arsenal (being in Division 1) have been above Tottenham (Division 2 or the Southern League). […]

Maybe those who criticise Arsenal’s performance last night should remember the 1970s.

Today on 8 March 2019, the websites and blogs are full of criticisms of Arsenal, some of them running at a level which seems to suggest that the manager and the whole team should be dismissed and rebuilt. And all for one defeat.

One can only presume that those making these criticisms were not around […]

Arsenal anniversaries through the ages for 6 March

6 March 1905: Thomas Fitchie and Robert Templeton represent Scotland – the first Arsenal players ever to do so.

6 March 1915:Arsenal played Lincoln away, and lost 1-0 – a sure sign that there was unlikely to be any late push to regain a promotion position in the latter part of the season. It was […]

Remembering the time when Gus Caesar was a bright prospect

If you were around in the days of Arsenal losing a league cup final at Wembley in 1988, you might remember the name of Gus Caesar and shudder. And you may be surprised to learn that he was a player who gained a lot of praise early on making 44 league appearances.

But his star […]

Arsenal stadium move announced, and allowed, plus the new shirt

By Tony Attwood

I am not sure anyone particularly noticed at the time but 4 March was both the day that Henry Norris confirmed Arsenal were moving to Gillespie Road from Plumstead, and the day one year later that London County Council gave permission for the ground to be built. That doesn’t sound too odd, […]