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November 2019

Whatever happened to the extraordinarily negative Stewart Robson?

It is difficult to know how much damage Stewart Robson (who was born on this day in 1964) has done to Arsenal – if indeed any. His vitriolic attacks on Arsene Wenger on Arsenal TV and elsewhere certainly set the scene for others to copy, and Arsenal TV did take an indecently long time to […]

The first Arsenal floodlit match over 100 years ago, and Tony Adams first game

5 November contains a mixture of curious Arsenal anniversaries. The first report of an Arsenal floodlit match – in 1889! – Arsenal bottom of the league in 1921 with the local press pointing out that abuse of players and the manager is not a constructive argument (clearly the message didn’t sink home), and the last […]

When Arsenal scored 26 goals in four consecutive matches

The wartime league programmes during both world conflicts are rarely remembered these days, but at the time they did produce some interesting matches with extraordinary results. The fact that Arsenal beat Crystal Palace 5-0 on this day in 1939 does not sound too unlikely, but considering that it followed victories with scorelines 7-0, 8-4 and […]

When Chapman was in danger of taking Arsenal down to the 2nd division

Herbert Chapman is of course revered by those who know about Arsenal’s history. And indeed it was the Arsenal History Society (which runs this site) which persuaded Arsenal FC to put a statue to Chapman up outside the Emirates Stadium, looking up at the ground as if to say “I created this”.

But unfortunately one […]

As history shows, fortunes in football can change very rapidly indeed

That fortunes can change in football very quickly has always been apparent, but few changes were more puzzling than the collapse of Arsenal in the early months of the 1935/6 season. Arsenal had just won the league three times running, and in the final of those three seasons Arsenal had not just won by a […]

Remembering George Armstrong who died on this day, 19 years ago.

George Armstrong, who died on this day in 2000, was one of the most popular Arsenal players of all time, both for his skill and ability, and his endless willingness to run and chase, no matter how much the game was going against Arsenal.

George spent 15 seasons at Arsenal and played 621 games for […]