The first ever goal to be scored from a corner. Maybe.

This is our daily review of Arsenal anniversaries taken from the Arsenal day by day  files prepared by the AISA Arsenal History Society.

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Highbury: from start to end with previously unseen pictures of the end of the stadium.

Below are the Anniversaries from  November 15. 



15 November 1924: First game for Dan Lewis:  Everton 2 Arsenal 3.  In a Fifa commentary on the change of rules to allow goals to be scored direct from corners it is suggested that this game was the first in which this then happened but there are several reasons to believe the history Fifa presents is not 100% accurate.   James Howie Ramsay scored two of Arsenal’s goals

15 November 1950: Leslie Compton won his first full cap for England, having won 12 war time caps.  He was the oldest player ever to win his first full cap – at the age of 38.

15 November 1951: Lionel Smith debut for England.  In all he won six caps – the last being in 1953.

15 November 1952: Liverpool 1 Arsenal 5 – as Arsenal continued en route for the title.  Cliff Holton got a hat trick, Ben Marden got two.  It was the second game in a seven match unbeaten run.

15 November 2000: Rhys Weston sold to Cardiff for £50,000.  He only played once for Arsenal but went on to play 182 times for Cardiff, and later had a long spell with Walsall.  He also won seven caps for Wales.

Also on this day in 1918it was the officially designated Victory Day.  At 11am the all clear was sounded for the last time, factories closed and the entire population took to the streets – or for most of the population the pubs.  Big Ben struck one for the first time in four years, and the pubs stayed open until they ran out of booze.

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