Yesterday was 100 years since the 1st Totts game, today is 500 games under Wenger

This is, of course, a site that deals with the history of Arsenal FC, particularly what happened 100 years ago.

And for the past two days I have been writing about the first ever game between Woolwich Arsenal and Tottenham which took place on 4 December 1909.

But today (5 December 2009) we should celebrate another brilliant milestone in the history of our club.  Arsene Wenger’s 500th game in charge.

Of course the media, who of late have become incredibly anti-French, in addition to their standard anti-Arsenal approach, have been running the story that Arsenal are losing, and Wenger has lost it.

Fairly predictable, and not particularly clever.

So instead let’s just focus on two things.  First our manager’s record so far…

292 wins, 127 draws and 80 defeats

And because I am quite nerdish about these things here’s the stats

  • 59% of games won
  • 25% of games drawn
  • 16% of games lost

I would love to see a comparison of those figures with any other manager we have ever had.

A record that more or less speaks for itself.

And while we’re at it, it is worth recording his stylish response to the idiots in the media who have been hounding him…

“On Saturday I am managing my 500th game at Arsenal and I believe I have shaken hands 497 times.

“It is a ceremonial courtesy but the most important is not the ceremonial but the courtesy of behaviour.”

Absolutely. A brilliant statement.

Let’s celebrate not just 100 years since the first time we played Tottenham, the first time we scored against Tottenham, and the first time we beat Tottenham (all the same day, 100 years ago) but also 500 games under our greatest manager of all time.

I was there at his very first game in charge, a win at Blackburn.  I had no idea I was watching the starting point of a revolution.

Time to say “Thank You” to Arsene Wenger.

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  1. i call u “Professor Arsene Wenger”, because u’ve shown so much brilliance, intelligence, wisdom, courtesy, creativity, ideaologies, tenets, 2 mention but dis few, 2 ARSENAL FC as an astute Coach in ur 13 years of coaching da gooners. u brought flair n creativity 2d pattern of our play d moment u arrived Highbury. 2day 1 can confidently define Arsenal FC as a team who plays 1 of d most beautiful football in da world. ur trophy room is an evidence 2 ur success wit da Gooners, n in all ramnifications u’re d best thing dat happened 2 ARSENAl FC. 2day marks ur 500th game in charge of da Gooner team, n i see nothing but a comfortable victory thru da club’s DNA flairness on field of play. i say a very big ”THANK YOU, SIR” 2u 4 all u’ve done 4 our darling team not minding d last two defeats. u’re nothing but a model of excellent character. Ride on BOSS, d sky is ur limit!!…i love u, Daddy Wenger!!

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