We’re waiting for Arsenal’s future to be resolved, and then once again everything stops.

20th May 1910 the funeral of the King.

You’d expect that it was a solemn day with everyone paying their respects.

Like hell it was.  What actually happened was that the pubs were open all day (no licensing laws at this time – they were brought in around the time of the First World War when the government started to worry about production targets), and everyone got out of their heads.

The King was known as Edward the Caresser because of his inability to keep his hands off women, and everyone toasted him as Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie.   He wasn’t George – he was Edward, but he was a pudding, and a pie.  He was huge.

No football, no news, no Norris (unless he was in secret talks – but no, he would have taken his place en route, as the Mayor of Fulham.  Our Mr Norris was never a man to miss a chance to be formal with the nobs.

What was known was that something was going to happen on 21st May.  But what, was unclear.

What we do know was that by now, Norris owned Woolwich Arsenal.  True, he was trying to flog off shares so he didn’t have to carry the full liability, but that was that.  He owned Fulham FC and he owned Woolwich Arsenal FC – and lest we forget, he owned Southern League club, Croydon Common FC.

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