Access to Untold Arsenal: a problem and a solution


If you are having trouble accessing untold-arsenal….

If you have been having problems getting onto Untold Arsenal the problem might be a change in the way the address works.   It’s not something I have done but it appears to have happened in an upgrade.  I am trying to get this changed but in the meantime…   used to work ok but now it doesn’t.
What needs to be typed into the address line is
Really sorry if your reading of Untold Arsenal has been disrupted.

4 Replies to “Access to Untold Arsenal: a problem and a solution”

  1. We are staying there – I am just trying to help the people who feel they have lost access. Not everyone knows how the internet is evolving. My mistake – I should have announced it before we did it.

  2. Unfortunately for me, the site is unavailable on my mobile and has been for a long time. It has nothing to do with the address. Once the site loads, “We’d like to show you notifications” covers half the page and no amount of clicking Allow or Cancel will remove it. what would be the solution for this?

  3. We’ve just done an update on the site, and checking it on my mobile phone it is working ok. Might be worth trying again.


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