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October 2021

The team that started 100 years ago – where they came, from what they did

So after two weeks meandering through the history books, here for the first time in 100 years, is the team that started the 1910/1911 season for Woolwich Arsenal. There’s a piece about each one of them on this site.

Goal: – E Bateup The keeper we signed and lost

2: Right Back – A Gray […]

Are you Pat Rice in disguise?

By Tony Attwood

This is a continuation of the series of articles about players who played for the opening match of the Arsenal season 100 years ago. This piece is about a player whose career was so similar to Pat Rice’s you will be amazed! The player is…

Joseph Ebenezer Shaw – a name to […]

Woolwich Arsenal: the very first managers

Editor’s note: on 31 May I’m taking a short holiday, and so won’t be tending the site. I’ll be back shortly.

Woolwich Arsenal was born in 1891, and after two years of playing friendlies against those who ignored the FA ban on playing them, they were admitted to the Football League to play their first […]

Arsenal's earliest managers: Sam Hollis and Bill Parr

Sam Hollis was not actually Arsenal’s manager but was Woolwich Arsenal’s trainer between 1894 and 1897.

He was born in Nottingham in 1866 (exact date not recorded) and died on 17 April 1942 in Bristol where he subsequently spent much of his working life.

He had worked for the government in the Probate Office and […]