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The first double and winning the league… in Manchester

When the first Arsenal double was completed in 1971 it was considered a rare fluke – Tottenham had done it, but no other team had managed it since the earliest days of the Football League. It was utterly unimaginable that by 2002 we would be on the edge of our third double. On this day […]

Man City as champions relegated, Tottenham almost relegated, Arsenal’s title, the 49 begins

The story of Arsenal’s title win on this day in in 1938, their 5th in eight years, required not only their win, but a defeat for Wolverhampton Wanderers – with which they duly obliged. But this was nothing compared to what happened at the foot of the table. Manchester City, the champions of the previous […]

When Arsenal won the league, despite having two points deducted

The deduction of two points from Arsenal’s tally in 1990 because of supposed bad behaviour during the game against Manchester United was unprescedented and it was never clear why this punishment should suddenly be introduced at this point, when it had seemingly never been used before.

In fact the most likely reason for the deducation […]

How the untrue stories about Charlie Buchan and Arsenal have grown and grown

It is interesting just how much of Arsenal’s history, beyond the strictly factual accounts of who played and what the score was, is down to the testimony of one man. On this day I am reminded of another such case as Charlie Buchan’s name turns up twice – in 1910 and 1928.

Many know that […]

3 League titles in 3 successive seasons under 3 different managers

By Tony Attwood

It is my experience that a lot of Arsenal fans think that Herbert Chapman won the league three times in succession – something which no manager since has done.

It is a nice idea but it is not true. Chapman won the League title twice and the FA Cup once. His second […]

3 May: Surely the biggest day of all for Arsenal celebrations

By Tony Attwood

If there are days with more Arsenal anniversaries of importance to celebrate, this surely has to be up there with the best of them. But I do actually think this is the biggest day of them all. Bigger than the founding of the original club, bigger than – well everything.

Just consider, […]

Ending the season in 12th with a defeat to Tottenham. And then….up and then down again.

2 May 1970 was indeed a disappointing day in the club’s league history – the final league game of the season, away to Tottenham, being beaten and seeing the club 12th in the table. And yet one year on Arsenal won the League and Cup double – the first league title since 1953 – a […]

The day the dream of Arsenal FC owned by its fans was finally destroyed

Looking at the anniversaries for 1 May, it is of course the time when for many years the last match of the season was played – and on two May Days, Arsenal won the league. In 1948 it had been a season of Arsenal all the way with huge scores and a brilliant team performance […]