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How the enemies of Arsenal tried to extinguish the club just as it was born

On 31 May 1893 Woolwich Arsenal FC were elected to Division II of the Football League.

It was an amazing moment for the club, because at the time it was under a ceaseless assault from a rival organisation – Royal Ordnance Factories FC, which had been formed by ex-members of the Royal Arsenal committee who […]

The Arsenal man who gave Chelsea their only title in 100 years


We have a small number of copies of “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” and “Making the Arsenal” now available in paperback. They are also available on Kindle. Please see here for more details.

The series

Henry Norris at the Arsenal: There is a full index to the series here.

Arsenal in the […]

Football’s blackest day and football’s most curious day.

If there were ever a black day recorded in English football’s history it was this, the day when Liverpool fans moved to attack Juventus fans in the European Cup Final in 1985. If there were ever a curious day in English football’s history it was also this, when Chelsea, a club with no players, no […]

The forgotten Arsenal manager with two league titles and an FA Cup win

Although I suspect most Arsenal fans with even a passing knowing of the history of the club will have heard of George Allison, his is not a name that has the same instant recognition as that of Herbert Chapman. And yet Allison had the same record of achievement as Chapman, with two league titles as […]

How we tipped off Fifa about a raid, but they took no notice.

On 22 January 2015 I wrote a little piece in Untold Arsenal about a change in the law in Switzerland which meant that corrupt Fifa officials could be arrested in that country and then prosecuted for their crimes. It was not a piece that got that much attention beyond the regular Untold readership and I […]

Arsenal’s forgotten great manager, and a certain match v Liverpool


We have a small number of copies of “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” and “Making the Arsenal” now available as printed books. They are also available on Kindle. Please see here for more details.

The series

Henry Norris at the Arsenal: There is a full index to the series here.

Arsenal in […]

Xhaka on the edge of 100 games

Granit Xhaka is one of those players that some journalists and fans get on the back of, call useless, and demand the end of. No matter what the statistics and evidence show (his successful pass rate is in the Gilberto league for example) the word is out – he is useless, he has to go, […]

Arsenal and the Nigerian takeover, plus the supposed dispute with Tottenham.

By Tony Attwood

Just how wild and crazy are the stories that circulate in the media about Arsenal can be seen by the tale which was doing the rounds at this time in 2010 – that Arsenal were going to be bought by a Nigerian businessman. They were not, and on this day the gentleman […]

The revolutionary nature of Arsenal Football Club.

By Tony Attwood

The revolutionary nature of Arsenal FC throughout its history is often forgotten, it seems to me. And today’s first anniversary – the first report of Arsenal becoming a club that paid its players – is an example of that.

Clubs in the north of England had been paying their players for several […]

Who scored 38 goals in 34 games, and 74 in 90 games – and was booed?

The answer to the question above is Jack Lambert – one of the most extraordinary footballers ever to have taken on the Arsenal shirt. I won’t try and summarise his story here, but rather suggest that if you are interested you might like to follow the link in the first anniversary article, commemorating the birthday […]

Fifa cock up the rules, ball dropped from plane, Vieira’s last kick

Fifa getting the rules of football in a muddle – whoever would have thought it! But seemingly they did get the issue of whether a goal could be scored from a corner completely muddled up, and had to do some hasty re-writing in 1924. But even now they still can’t get their own story right […]

Who scored 15 cup goals for Arsenal in one season?

The answer to the question above is Ian Wright, and I mention it today, because today is the anniversary of Arsenal winning the FA Cup in 1993 – the cup double season. It was the first time any team had won both the League Cup and FA Cup in the same season. Wright got ten […]

The sadness of Brady and scoring in 47 consecutive games

Everyone who saw him knew from the off that Liam Brady was a brilliant player and extraordinary natural talent. But his time with Arsenal was a tragedy. Not of Liam’s making of course but of the fact that he played under two poor managers.

Bertie Mee had delivered a European trophy and the first double, […]

What did Henry Norris ever do for Arsenal?

There is much on this site about Henry Norris – indeed there is a whole series on Henry Norris at the Arsenal which overturns many of the stories that have emerged about him following the self-justifying autobiography of the one manager Sir Henry sacked: Leslie Knighton.

Henry Norris’ name turns up twice in the anniversaries […]

Why Emery Should Play Aubameyang & Lacazette Together

Unai Emery’s first season in charge of Arsenal is coming to a close. The verdict? It was always going to be a strange one, following on from 22 years under Arsène Wenger, which brought three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups but ultimately ended in mediocrity and a sixth-place finish.

While Emery wasn’t […]

The FA Cup record holding manager remembered on this anniversary

Arsene Wenger won the FA Cup an incredible seven times with Arsenal – an amazing record. Those victories came in 1997–98, 2001–02, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2013–14, 2014–15, and 2016–17.

It is recorded that George Ramsey of Aston Villa won it six times, but when we look at the years involved we can see that at least […]

Arsenal’s tightest ever defence, but we didn’t win the league.

In 1999 Arsenal concluded the season having conceded just 17 league goals – their lowest ever league total. The top four read…

Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Manchester United 38 22 13 3 80 37 43 79 2 Arsenal 38 22 12 4 59 17 42 78 3 Chelsea 38 […]

A grown man cries at Highbury; everyone laughs at the Emirates

By Tony Attwood

15 May is one of those days for which I have found a limited number of anniversaries, but among them is a real corker, and a second one that still makes me smile.

And in both cases I was fortunate enough to be at the ground.

The first was on this day […]

The decline and fall of a cup finalist

By Tony Attwood

Today’s highlight…

Some players don’t make it, we know that of course, and some do make it but fade away quickly. But few that I have seen have slipped so quickly and so far as Christopher Wreh. Signed in 1997 he scored the only goal in the cup semi-final against Wolverhampton in […]

Arsenal’s lost players and their families: Logie and Calvert

By Tony Attwood

We regularly get emails from readers looking for information about relatives who may have played for Arsenal. While the list of players who played for the club is published in several places (Wiki has a list, and we have a list with links to articles on this site (Arsenal players A-K and […]

One year ago today – farewell Mr Wenger, and Henry’s “police officer”

Arsene Wenger was the longest serving manager Arsenal has ever had, with the best win record of any manager who had managed over three seasons. His final match – a win at Huddersfield was a year ago on this day.

Also interesting to note that on this day George Graham ended the season as the […]

Why youth trophies don’t mean a thing (at least not always)


I’ve discovered another box of copies of the book “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” in our store room, having previously said it was out of print. So both this book and “Making the Arsenal” are now available as printed books, and on Kindle. Please see here for more details.

Anniversary news

On […]

Arsenal great hero, and when the top scorer managed to score just 11 goals

Today there would be complaints and complaints – with a top scorer with just 11 goals, but in 1972 the top scorer got 12. Ten years on the top scorer for Arsenal got just 11.

But really the key issue of the day is 11 May 1985, the day of the Bradford fire, killing 56 […]

The man who did more to disrupt Arsenal than anyone else – ever

That man is Leslie Knighton, Arsenal manager from 1919 to 1925. Knighton was a modest manager for the first three years of his reign, but only just avoided relegation in the final two years. However what has soured his reputation considerably is a reconsideration of Knighton’s autobiography in which he launched a series of attacks […]

“The best value for money player I have had at the club” Who said that about whom

It was said on this day 2014 by Arsene Wenger concerning Laurent Koscielny, a player who had not been highly valued by some fans when he first came to the club.

9 May 1891: Royal Arsenal FC voted at its AGM to turn itself into a professional side, making the club the first professional team […]