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February 2020

Whatever happened to Robin van Persie?

On 4 July 2012, Van Persie announced that he would not be signing a new contract with Arsenal claiming that inner voices in his head had told him to sign for Man U. He transferred on 17 August for £22.5 million plus £1.5 million to follow if Man U won the League or Champs League […]

Whatever happened to Andre Arshavin?

Andre Arshavin left Arsenal in 2013 and signed on 27 June 2013 for Zenit, for whom he had been on loan and from whom he had transferred to Arsenal in 2009. However he only scored two goals in his opening return season and on 13 July 2015, Arshavin moved on again and signed for Kuban […]

Whatever happened to Kim Kallstrom

Kim Kallstrom was one of many Arsenal signings who discovered just how much the media would make up negative stories about Arsenal players – in this case the story that after Arsenal signed him he injured himself playing beach football. In fact, Arsenal had a deal in which they would only pay […]

Whatever happened to Sanchez Watt?

Sanchez Watt, who is now 28, came up through the Arsenal youth academy and was a notable member of the 2008/9 FA Youth Cup winning season making his debut for Arsenal the following season.

After that he had numerous loan spells at clubs such as Leeds, Sheffield Wed, and Colchester United before signing for the […]