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The Arsenal History Quiz: how much do you know about Arsenal on 30 April?

The Arsenal History Quiz of the day.

Set by Tony Attwood of the AISA Arsenal History Society.

All the answers are to be found in relation to Arsenal events that took place on 30 April throughout history. To help you, the anniversaries are listed below the questions, and the questions are in chronological order. But […]

The Arsenal Quiz for 29 April. How well do you know your club?

The Arsenal History Quiz of the day.

Set by Tony Attwood of the AISA Arsenal History Society.

All the answers are to be found in relation to Arsenal events that took place on 29 April throughout history. To help you, the anniversaries are listed below the questions, and the questions are in chronological order. But […]

The Arsenal Quiz. What was the first European trophy we won, and when was it?

Our quiz comes from today’s anniversaries, which gives a clue as to the actual date of the month – all you have to get is the year.

So before you scroll down,

Question 1: On this day Arsenal won their first European trophy. Who did we beat, what was the score, and how many years […]

Remembering George Lawrence, the man who invented the “football special”

George Lawrence is the man who invented the football special – and with it the whole notion of away support, persuading railway companies to organise special one-off return trips to and from football grounds where Woolwich Arsenal played.

27 April 1851: George Lawrence, the club’s first major benefactor, was born. He became interested in football […]

Arsenal History Society video: 26 April. Chapman resigns!

Tony Attwood reports on the day that Herbert Chapman resigned from Arsenal


This is only our second video and we are getting used

to the whole approach, so please do excuse the rough and ready approach.

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Arsenal win the cup for the first time […]

Arsenal win the cup for the first time – complete with video!

Today is the anniversary of Arsenal’s first major trophy: the FA Cup in 1930. While Chapman is rightly remembered as the manager who built the sensationally successful Arsenal of the 1930s, it should also be remembered that after a flying start, taking Arsenal to second in his first season with the club, the club then […]

Welcome to the first ever AISA Arsenal History Society video

Welcome to the AISA Arsenal History Society’s first video – this to celebrate the biggest anniversary of 25 April.


When Arsenal’s local rivals played just across the road.

In 1893 a major split occurred within Royal Arsenal FC as it prepared to become a professional club and join the Football League.

The split was not primarily about professionalism and amateurism, but rather about who should run the club. A group of men from the wealthier families – we might today signify them as […]

Fourth might not be a trophy, but it is still harder than it looks.

From 2006 to 2015, Arsenal had 10 years of coming third or fourth every season, with the six fourth-place finishes leading to the oft-repeated phrase “fourth is not a trophy”. The two FA Cups won during this period were of course trophies, and kept Arsenal as the most successful FA Cup team in history, but […]

Arsenal’s crowd numbers across the years – and a video of the 1932 cup final.

There can be a tendency to think that how football is now, is how it always has been. This was certainly so when certain extremist fan groups criticised Arsenal, for allowing the crowd figures at the stadium to drop below 60,000 as for certain games, the number of no-shows increased somewhat. But the fact is […]

When our Arsenal banner was selected by the BBC for full-on publicity

This is the anniversary of Mr Wenger’s last home match with Arsenal, and it was of course heavily featured by the BBC as they focussed on the only Arsenal manager ever to win three League titles, and not only the man who won more FA Cups with Arsenal than any other manager, but who won […]

The most goals ever scored in a top flight game with both sides scoring

Today, rather than look back to the life of an Arsenal player from the past, I thought maybe we should focus just for a moment on the most extraordinary top flight match in England ever. The only game ever to generate 12 goals with both sides scoring.

There have been a couple of games in […]

Whatever happened to Colin Hill?

Colin Hill made his debut for Arsenal’s first team on this day, 20 April, in 1983 in the Norwich 3 Arsenal 1 defeat.

The following season he played 37 league games, as Arsenal finished sixth in the league. However he was then displaced by the signing of Viva Anderson which put him primarily in the […]

Happy birthday Perry Groves, aged 55 today.


Perry Groves turned out for 155 league games for Arsenal scoring 21 goals, starting in 1986, having previously played for four years with Colchester United. Leaving Arsenal in 1992 he was at Southampton for two years but only played 15 games, before brief spells with Dagenham and Redbridge, Canvey Island and Guilden Morden FC […]

The best and the worst managers Arsenal have ever had

Football managers are measured generally by their success in winning trophies, and by their percentage win rate in matches. Each is a valid measurement, and on each Arsene Wenger comes top of the table. But who were the worst long term managers of Arsenal? The men who won nothing, and also had a low percentage […]

Happy birthday Football League: formed on this day

It was a director of Aston Villa who first set out the idea of a League for football teams, instead of simply having endless friendly games with a few knock out cup matches. He proposed the idea in a letter sent to his fellow directors and directors of five other northern clubs on 22 March […]

Happy Birthday Freddie Ljungberg, and remembering Ted Drake.

It’s Freddie’s birthday and we wish him many happy returns from the Arsenal History Society.

It is also the day we commemorate the birth of Ted Drake, one of the all-time greatest Arsenal players, and the man who scored all seven goals in one game against Aston Villa.

Here are the anniversaries for today. You […]

Whatever happened to Steve Walford?

Steve Walford is one of that handful of players who turned out for both Arsenal and Tottenham starting out with Tottenham in 1974 but he only played twice for them before Terry Neill, who of course himself at been at Tottenham, signed him for £25,000 on 1 August 1977.

He played primarily as a centre […]

When Arsenal used seven different goalkeepers in one season

Football during the two world wars kept going, despite efforts by the national press and members of the government to have it stopped, efforts which were particularly strong in the first world war.

In the first global conflict the Football League continued its full programme for 1914/15, not least because of the widespread belief at […]

When the newspapers criticised TV for giving a false impression of matches

Today, it is virtually unknown for newspapers and their websites to criticise TV coverage of a game, and certainly it is unheard of for a newspaper to suggest that TV coverage gave an unfair or unreasonable coverage of a match.

And yet it was not always like this for back in the 1970s there were […]

Whatever happened to John Hawley?

John Hawley’s name won’t resonate with most Arsenal supporters; he played for the club 20 times between 1981 and 1983.

But I want to reproduce part of an article on John that appears on this site, because his name crops up in the anniversaries as a goal scorer against Tottenham in 1982. You can read […]

Whatever happened to Malcolm Macdonald?

Arsenal was Malcolm Macdonald’s last major club. He played 84 league games for us and scored 42 goals, but injury cut his career short. He achieved similar goal to game ratios with Luton (49 goals in 88 games) and Newcastle (95 games in 187 games). After 1979 he had one final club, playing nine times […]

19 Things that happened to Arsenal on 10 April

The Arsenal Anniversary Files contain details of over 7000 events relating (for the most part) directly to Arsenal FC since their foundation as Dial Square and up to the present day. A full index of all the anniversaries can be found in the 12 monthly cumulative files indexed under “Pages” in the right column on […]

What have Arsenal done on 9 April throughout their history: a rundown.

The Arsenal Anniversary Files have been compiled and published by Arsenal History Society, and consist of over 7000 events of note in the history of the club, in day order.

You can access the whole set of files on this site – just see the “Pages” section on the right of this page, and select […]

Whatever happened to Jon Sammels?

By Tony Attwood

Jon Sammels played for Arsenal between 1963 and 1971 at which point he was sold to Leicester for £100,000. He played 215 league games for Arsenal and scored 39 goals, but went on to 241 games with Leicester. After that he played for Vancouver Whitecaps for a season, and then Nuneaton Borough, […]