The Arsenal Quiz for 29 April. How well do you know your club?

The Arsenal History Quiz of the day.

Set by Tony Attwood of the AISA Arsenal History Society.

All the answers are to be found in relation to Arsenal events that took place on 29 April throughout history.  To help you, the anniversaries are listed below the questions, and the questions are in chronological order.  But the real test is answering the questions, without looking up the anniversaries…


1: The final game of Royal Arsenal happened on 29 April – but which year?  And if you know, what was the score, and why was it the last game of Royal Arsenal?

2: Why did Arsenal play a friendly against Tottenham at White City in 1912?

3: This is the anniversary of the birth of Cliff Holton.  What was he famous for?

4: On this day in 1933 Cliff Bastin completed the season having played in all 42 Arsenal matches.  He was also the top scorer with 33 goals – but what made this so extraordinary?

5: On this day in 1946 Arsenal played their penultimate wartime home game.  Where was it played?

6: Arsenal won the FA Cup on this day in 1950.  It was their fifth FA Cup final, but it was an occasion of two “firsts”.  What were they?

7: On this day in 2002, Arsenal beat Bolton on the way to achieving what?

8: On this day in 2009 Arsenal lost the first leg of the Champions League in the semi-final.  Who did they lose to?


Here are the anniversaries, and within them the answers.  The evaluation of your score is given at the end.

29 April 1893.  The final game of Royal Arsenal: Arsenal lost 0-1 to Stoke.  The club had already plotted their route into the Football League but were now distracted by the split within the Committee and the threat of eviction from their ground.  To be in the League Arsenal had to be a limited company, but limited companies could not use the word “Royal” in their title, so Arsenal became “Woolwich Arsenal”.

29 April 1899: Final game for Adam Haywood; v Tottenham in the United League. An offer of £50 from Glossop North End was accepted but then before he had a chance to play for Glossop he moved again to QPR in the Southern League, where he met up with four other ex-Woolwich men.

29 April 1911: Arsenal ended the season with Notts C 0 Arsenal 2, making it 11 unbeaten including six wins.  This was quite remarkable because Arsenal only won seven games in the 27 prior to this, but ended 10th.  Man U won the title.

29 April 1912: Arsenal 3  Tottenham 0 at White City, in a charity match to raise funds for the families of those who perished on the Titanic.  See also here

29 April 1916: The Easter Rebellion in Ireland, as republicans launched an uprising against British rule.  It was the most significant rebellion since 1798 and the British army put down the rebellion with absolute ferocity.  The rebels unconditionally surrendered on this day.

29 April 1922: Bradford C 0 Arsenal 2.  This was the 8th game in April which resulted in four wins, two draws, and two defeats.  The run took Arsenal to 17th and saved them from relegation.

29 April 1929: Cliff Holton born.  He joined Arsenal from Oxford City in October 1947 initially as a full back, but later became not just a centre forward but one of the most prolific goalscorers in the history of league football.

29 April 1933: Arsenal 2 Huddersfield 2.  Two goals for Bastin gave him 33 goals in 42 games to make him top scorer for the season as Arsenal won the league by four points from Aston Villa in second.  Bolton and Blackpool went down.  What made Bastin’s achievement unusual was that he played every game on the left wing.

29 April 1939: Arsenal’s mysterious keeper E Bateup died.  Much of his life and career is uncertain, but it seems that after leaving Arsenal he played for Port Vale before retiring from football in 1918, having been playing in the war time leagues.

29 April 1946: Arsenal 1 Brentford 1.  Football League South.  Arsenal’s penultimate war time league game.  The crowd was just 5250 as it was played on a Monday afternoon at White Hart Lane – Highbury still being shut following its use during the war.

29 April 1950:  Arsenal won their 3rd FA Cup beating Liverpool 2-0 with both goals coming from Reg Lewis. It was Arsenal’s 5th cup final, their first in “old gold” shirts and the first ever Arsenal game in front of 100,000.

29 April 1961: Everton 4 Arsenal 1.  David Herd’s last game. He moved to Manchester United with whom he won the FA Cup, the championship twice and the European Cup although not playing in the final.  The game made it 12 goals conceded in the last three and two wins in the final 12 games.  Arsenal finished 11th.

29 April 1969: Although Bertie Mee’s third season ended Everton 1 Arsenal 0, Arsenal finish 4th, the club’s highest place in 10 years.

29 April 1978: Only 32,138 came along to see the last home game of the season – a 1-0 win over Middlesbrough.    The highlight was a live cockerel thrown into the Arsenal penalty area.  Unnecessary and cruel, but the event was lightened (at least from a human perspective if not from a cockerel view of the world) when a groundsman dealt with the bird by chasing it into the crowd.  Symbolism indeed.

29 April 1995: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1.  An Ian Wright penalty gave him 18 for the season as top league scorer for the club.  But Arsenal were 10th, 36 points behind the leaders Blackburn.

29 April 1998: Arsenal 1 Derby 0.  Petit scored for Arsenal in the 35th league game of the 2nd Double season.   Arsenal were now four points ahead of Man U with a game in hand. The second double: part 1, part 2, part 3.

29 April 2000: Arsenal beat Everton 0-1 to go second in the league.  It was the 6th consecutive win with Overmars scoring the winner on 34 minutes.  The run continued for two more games but Arsenal could only finish second to Man U.

29 April 2002: Bolton 0 Arsenal 2.  This was the 11th game of 13 consecutive wins and League match 36 of the 3rd Double season. Ljungberg and Wiltord scored.

29 April 2009: Man U 1 Arsenal 0.  Champions League semi-final first leg.  Although unbeaten in the League since November and having beaten Man U 2-1 in the League earlier in the year, Arsenal were unable to get an away goal, and also failed to win the second leg at home.

29 April 2018: Manchester United 2 Arsenal 1.  This league game was squeezed in between the two Europa League semi-final games against Atletico Madrid, as Arsene Wenger’s tenure as manager came to an end. The defeat confirmed that Arsenal’s attempt to come fourth (already unlikely) was now virtually impossible.  Defeat in the next game meant Arsenal could not win the Europa either.

Your score:

0, 1 or 2 correct – great to see you here, and we hope you’ll continue with the quiz and build up your knowledge day by day.

3 or 4 correct – this is above average, and it’s good to see you’ve got a knowledge of your club and its past.

5 to 6 correct – with your sort of knowledge why are you not sending us in new information to add to the files on a daily basis?

7 or 8 correct – the job of editor of the Arsenal History Files is your’s for the asking.  (And if you got all three issues in question one correct, we expect you to take up your post tomorrow morning).

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