Leslie Knighton

Our original series on Knighton is called Leslie Knighton – the complete story, and this of course remains on the site.  Details of the articles are below.

However since then the Arsenal History Society has published its major research project “Henry Norris at the Arsenal” which contains much more information on Knighton.

Knighton became part of Arsenal in August 1919 and so to get a full indication of what he was like as a manager, and how he performed you can follow the history of Arsenal from that point onwards in the “Henry Norris at the Arsenal” series.   Below are the relevant articles, and then after that some other articles that were written before the in-depth review of Henry Norris at the Arsenal was written.

Here are the articles (for the articles before this point in section 10, click on the Henry Norris at the Arsenal link above.

Section 10, 1919

Section 11: 1920 – the second half of the first post-war season and onward (part 78 to 86

Section 12: 1921 (part 87 to 97)

Section 13: 1922 (part 98 to 106)

Section 14: 1923 (part 107 to 109)

Section 15: 1924 (part 110 to 119)

Section 16: 1925 (part 120 to 129)

That is, I believe the most in-depth series on Knighton ever written.

Here are the earlier articles which take occasional themes…


1: How the story of Arsenal after the first world war is not quite as we’ve been led to believe.

2:  Height and cost restrictions

3:  The manager who started the AAA

4: The Arsenal Drugs Scandal

5: The money and the performance

6: What do we learn about post-war Arsenal?

Knighton’s players in 1919

Did Henry Norris forbid Knighton to make signings and give Chapman an open cheque book?

Pagnam – the forgotten man who blows up the Knighton mythology

Andrew Kennedy, bought by Knighton, sold by Chapman

Andrew Neil, bought by Knighton sold by Chapman

Other articles:


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