You can still read Untold even during our problems

Yes, I know, Untold Arsenal is down again.

And my hair which was already white, is now whiter – or totally fallen out.

But it is possible to read Untold articles at   We can’t add any new ones, but there are articles there for you to read – just so you know we are still here, still trying to fix the problem, still wondering why we stopped using clay tablets….



3 Replies to “You can still read Untold even during our problems”

  1. What have you done this time ,Tony ? You know ,more than pissing off the usual gang of idiots that run the game ?
    Could this be the work of the vindictive Manure fans ?
    Guess we may never know !

  2. Able to see the main page ,but when I click on to the articles and comments it goes 404 not found.
    Will try again tomorrow . Stay safe Tony ,Walter and the rest of the AKBs !

    404 Not Found

    The server can not find the requested page: (port 80)

    Please forward this error screen to’s WebMaster.

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