Today in history: Herbert Chapman and Liam Brady joined Arsenal on 11 June

If you’ve had a look at the Anniversary Files on this site you might have noticed that the expansion of the Files continues day by day.

We’re now approaching the 5000 event mark – and all this done without simply recording individual matches of no particular significance, each international that our players and have been in, and the like.

Today 11 June there are just a handful of anniversaries, this being part of that time which is neither within the transfer window nor the playing season.

Only a handful but just look at the first two…

  • 11 June 1925:  Herbert Chapman becomes manager
  • 11 June 1971: Liam Brady joined Arsenal as apprentice professional.    See also here and then again here
  • 11 June 2002: Despite Vieira and Wiltord playing, WC holders France go out to Denmark in South Korea
  • 11 June 2009: Arsenal open an Arsenal shop in Bahrain
  • 11 June 2012: Sylvain Wiltord retired from football

Yep, on the say day of the year, 11 June, Herbert Chapman and Liam Brady joined the club.

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  1. I well recall 11th June 1925 and my Dad coming home and saying “Herbert Chapman is Arsenal’s manager. Yippeee”.
    I was 18 months old at the time, just started on solids, still missing the milk bar and not quite ready for girls. A real late developer.

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