Arsenal and Hull: the fun and games through history

By Tony Attwood

It’s Arsenal against Hull on 18 October so I thought I would take a wander back through the events that we have recorded in the Anniversary Archives for events linking these two clubs.

Perhaps the most memorable event of recent years had nothing to do with the actual 90 minutes but came about by the wild accusations of the Hull management of the day.

That story starts on 17 March, and the full outcome can be read on the entry for 22 May.

Here’s what we’ve got in the files thus far…

11 January 1908: Arsenal v Hull City (FA Cup)

16 January 1908: Hull City 4 Arsenal 1 FA Cup 1st round

13 March 2010: Hull 1 Arsenal 2 turns out to be last game for Phil Brown who attacked Arsenal and Cesc.

17 March 2009: Arsenal 2 Hull 1 FA Cup 6.  Hull make their wild and ultimately unfounded allegations.

22 March 1930: Hull City 2 Arsenal 2.  FA Cup semi final.

26 March 1930: Hull City 0 Arsenal 1.  FA Cup semi final replay.

2 April 1915: Hull 1 Arsenal 0.  Last game for George Grant

20 April 2014: Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Özil returned for Arsenal after long lay-offs as Arsenal easily beat Hull away, proving if it needed proving, how important these two players were.

17 May 2014: FA Cup Final – Arsenal v Hull.  Arsenal equal the all time record for most final appearances, and Arsene Wenger makes it five cup wins with Arsenal.  See also the hour by hour blog of the day.

22 May 2009: After Hull accuse Fabregas of spitting, being improperly dressed, entering the field of play after the match was over, and Wenger of not shaking hands, Arsenal are cleared on all counts

Phil Brown claimed that he had seen Cesc Fàbregas spit at the Hull assistant manager Brian Horton at the end of the defeat of Hull City in the FA Cup.

On 22 May 2009 Cesc was cleared of this and various other wild allegations made, such that Cesc had no right to be on the pitch at that moment (Cesc was recovering from knee surgery, and joined the team on the pitch at the final whistle), that Cesc was improperly dressed (!) , and that Arsène Wenger had refused to shake his hand at one of the two previous games between the clubs that season.

26 June 1970: Terry Neill joined Hull as player manager.  He was at the 2014 FA Cup final between Arsenal and Hull and gave a very pro-Hull half time interview

19 August 2011: Jay Simpson sold to Hull City

27 September 2008: After three high scoring wins Arsenal unbelievably are beaten by Hull in their second defeat in the Emirates.

18 October 2010: Vito Mannone loaned to Hull for the season.

26 December 2008: Phil Brown of Hull (Later to accuse Arsenal of every crime imaginable) holds his half time team talk on the pitch


The Arsenal History Society Anniversary Files are the biggest ever collection of anniversary details relating to Arsenal – and still growing with new items being added every week.  Here’s the index

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