In the first 2 days of January: the Arsenal quiz (and its easier this time)

By Tony Attwood

In the near future we’ll be publishing “Arsenal: the Chronology” – a book of over 4500 major events that have defined Arsenal across the years.

Looking at the book it turns out that the opening days of the year have been quite significant for Arsenal’s history.   Here are a few from those first two days of the year.

This time to make it easier I’ve added three answers to choose from in most cases.

Any ideas?

1.  As we found in the last quiz, Arsenal were directly implicated in the development of transfers and the introduction of the retain & transfer system in 1893.  But the new system quickly got out of control.     On 1 January 1908 a new maximum for transfer fees was introduced.  What was it?

a) £350

b) £3500

c) £5000

For a bonus point, what happened next?

a) The clubs ignored the maximum

b) The maximum lasted for a year when it was raised once again

c) It lasted until the outbreak of the first world war

2.  The first day of January 1934 was a prelude to a black day for Arsenal, and football.  What happened?

a) Herbert Chapman went on a scouting trip and caught a chill

b) Herbert Chapman went on a scouting trip and was injured in a rail accident

c) Herbert Chapman went on a scouting trip and was injured in a fire at the Notts C ground

3.  On 1 January 1968 Davor Suker was born. He was Real Madrid’s top man in his prime, and in his later years he came to Arsenal.  But who did he go to after Arsenal?

a) Tottenham

b) West Ham

c) Man U

4.  On 1 January 1988 Arsenal appointed a new captain.  Who?

a) David O’Leary

b) Kevin Richardson

c) Tony Adams

5.  On 1 January 1995 the News of the World ran the headline “After 98 games, two years, four months, two weeks, two days, one hour and 19 minutes….”   What?

No clues for this one.  You’ll know it if you see it.

6.   On 1 January 2001, Charlton Athletic did something unusual.  What?

a) Scored three against Arsenal for the first time in 44 years

b) Managed to score against Arsenal for the first time in 44 years

c) Beat Arsenal for the first time in 44 years

7.  On 2 January 1886 Selby played Woolwich Utd.  So what?

a) It proved that Dial Square FC was not the first significant club in the Woolwich area

b) Nothing much in terms of Arsenal – Woolwich Utd played in Woolwich, Yorkshire

c) It gives us the origins of Dial Square and Royal Arsenal, which grew out of the Woolwich Utd club.

8.  On 2 January 1903 the Arsenal manager Harry Bradshaw faced trial in court.  What was it alleged that had he done wrong?

a) Using a football ground for the exercising of a lottery

b) Selling alcohol in an unlicensed football ground

c) Holding an unlicensed archery competition.

And what was the outcome?

a) He was guilty

b) He was not guilty

c) The case was not heard

9.  On 2 January 1965 John Radford became what?

a) Arsenal’s youngest ever captain

b) Arsenal’s youngest ever Yorkshireman to play for the club

c) Arsenal’s youngest ever hat trick scorer

10.  On 2 January 1970 Arsenal paid £100000 for a player for the first time.  Who was it who moved to Arsenal?

a) Charlie Nicholas

b) Peter Marinello

c) Ray Kennedy

Answers in the next post.

The book

Arsenal: the Chronology will be the largest ever compilation of key Arsenal dates – and the first to be presented in chronological order (rather than day by day as the dates appear in the anniversary files).

There will be a chance to become a sponsor of the book and have your name in the volume – and in all subsequent editions.  This will be announced later.

Meanwhile here are the details of the three books already published.

3 Replies to “In the first 2 days of January: the Arsenal quiz (and its easier this time)”

  1. Sorry to be pedantic, but isn’t a chronology a list of events in the order that they happened?

  2. Without revealing the answer, Question 4 is null and void. The regular captain was rested so one of those three was given the armband for the New Year’s Day match. The very next day, Arsenal played again and the regular captain was restored to the side, captaining it once again.Kenny Sansom remained captain until March 1988 when one of the three answer suggestions was given the role.

  3. Patrick – yes the chronology is in date order, and that is what the new book is – a list of dates in date order

    Jamie, you are right, but still it does seem to me that Tony Adams was made captain on that day. But I do take your point.

    The answers are up.

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