Arsenal: the Chronology – January update

The January file of data that will ultimately be turned into chronological order to create the new volume “Arsenal: the Chronology” has now been updated once again, thanks to the help and support of many readers of the blog.

You can find the new edition here.

There’s still plenty of time to send in corrections to the January file if you find anything that is wrong, or any major event that is missing.  But meanwhile I want to thank everyone who wrote in with extras, comments and suggestions.  If you haven’t heard back from me yet, you will shortly.

I am currently working on updating the whole of the February file, and will post another note here shortly when that is done and upgraded, and once more ask for comments, corrections, extra dates, thoughts and anything else.

And of course in the meanwhile if you find something from any time of the year that is wrong, or something that we’ve not included which ought to be, please do let me know.

In addition to correcting errors, I’m also trying to increase each entry where possible to include two or three lines of information about the importance of the event.  I hope you’ll see a difference as the files grow.

As always the day by day anniversaries appear on the home page of both this site and Untold Arsenal each day (except when I’m away on business or on holiday, or simply run out of time,  Or forget).

Again, many thanks to everyone who has supported this project.

Tony Attwood; Jan 23 2015.


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  1. re the comment about Ron Greenwood “Not a Arsenal player in sight ” you included Joe Baker who of course was .Just as a aside can we have a debate re strips.Personally love the traditional with the navy blue hoop socks,mainly because the great Stan Charlton was in that strip on my maiden voyage,and to my shame also the all red shirts with the stripes down the shorts with white socks.Sorry to bore everybody but strips are important as the Chinaman found out at Cardiff.

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