What others saying about “Making the Arsenal”

For authors of books there is a routine.

It starts with a six month or year long slog of writing and revising, followed by the comments of one or two people you know who kindly agree to read the pre-published edition.

Then the arguments with the editor (“I nearly fell asleep in chapter 8”, or “if Mr Jacobson is going to be that important in the last quarter, shouldn’t he be introduced earlier…”)

Then the proof copy, the cover (generally the author has no input on the cover) and finally you get a full bound edition.

And you wait for the reviews.

So far I have been very lucky with the reviews of MAKING THE ARSENAL, my new book.   There’s several on Amazon (and only one written by me) – and now they have started to appear in magazines and on the blogs.

If you are a member of Arsenal Independent Supporters Association then you’ll have been sent one last week with the regular email.   (If you are not a member of AISA why not???)

But just in case you want another point of view try this…


There’s more about the book on www.emiratesstadium.info and you can buy it for delivery anywhere in the world via our online site.   Failing that you can go back to Amazon.

MAKING THE ARSENAL, by Tony Attwood.  Published by Hamilton House.   It’s a historical novel.

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