Henry (Harry) Logan: played 11, only on the winning side once.

By Tony Attwood

We’re currently looking at the players who were used during the early days of Henry Norris’ time at Arsenal.  It is an interesting point, I feel, not just because of the historical record, but because the accusation was made many years after Norris’ death that Norris himself restricted his managers work in the transfer market.

At the end of this article you’ll see a list of all the players used by Woolwich Arsenal in 1910/11 – Norris’ first season at Plumstead – with links to the relevant articles.  Now we move on to Harry Logan.

And the first problem we have is with his name.  Different sources call him “Harry Logan” (the name we think he was known by, at the club) Henry McDaid Logan and Henry Morrison Logan.   I’m sticking with Harry Logan.

Harry was born on 17 July 1888 in Glasgow and signed for Arsenal on 5 July 1910 from Sunderland, having previously played for Shettleston.

Shettleston Football Club is still with us, based in Shettleston, in the East End of Glasgow.    They were formed in 1903.  I have no details of his matches with either Shettleston, and only a note that he played twice for Sunderland in the season before he joined Arsenal, but we do have the details of his performances with Arsenal.

I have seen it written that Harry Logan made his debut in a 1-1 draw against Burnley in September but all the data I have shows him playing on 3 September against Bury, in a 1-1 draw, playing initially at insight left, and later in the season at inside right.

The tragedy for the player, and indeed perhaps the reason that after this run of games he seems to have packed in professional football was that despite playing 11 games he was only once on the winning side.  Indeed his final match (a draw) came just as Arsenal picked themselves up and started the 11 match unbeaten run which took them away from relegation and up to midtable in the league.

All his games were in the League – he did not play in the FA Cup.

Date Match Result
03 Sep 1910 Bury v Woolwich Arsenal D 1-1
10 Sep 1910 Woolwich Arsenal v Sheffield United D 0-0
17 Sep 1910 Aston Villa v Woolwich Arsenal L 3-0
01 Oct 1910 Woolwich Arsenal v Oldham Athletic D 0-0
26 Dec 1910 Manchester United v Woolwich Arsenal L 5-0
11 Feb 1911 Woolwich Arsenal v Bradford City D 0-0
18 Feb 1911 Blackburn Rovers v Woolwich Arsenal L 1-0
25 Feb 1911 Woolwich Arsenal v Nottingham Forest W 3-2
04 Mar 1911 Manchester City v Woolwich Arsenal D 1-1
06 Mar 1911 Oldham Athletic v Woolwich Arsenal L 3-0
15 Mar 1911 Woolwich Arsenal v Aston Villa D 1-1

And that is all we know.  If you know any more please do write in.

Here now is the list of players used in the season with links to their articles.  Articles for the remaining players are being added on a regular basis.

Player Position Games Goals Pens
Edwin Bateup Goalkeeper 30
George Burdett Goalkeeper 10
Leslie Adair Calder Forward 1
Frederick J Calvert Forward 1
John Chalmers Centre forward 31 16
Alfred Common Inside forward 31 6
Andrew Ducat Wing half 35 3 1
John Flanagan Inside forward 10 1
Archie Gray Full back 28
David Greenaway Outside right 22 2
Frank Heppinstall Outside left 5
Gordon Rahere Hoare Forward 16 7
Charles Henry Lewis Forward 36 2
Harry Logan Forward 11
Duncan McDonald Full back 1
Roddy McEachrane Half back 32
Angus McKinnon Left half 10
David Neave Outside left 16 3
John Charles Peart Full back 7
James Alfred Quayle Full back 1
Willis Rippon Inside forward 9 2
Percy Sands Centre half 33
Joseph E Shaw Full back 37
Matthew Shortt Inside forward 4
Matthew Thomson Half back 17
Thomas Winship Outside left 6


An index of all the articles in the evolving series of Henry Norris at the Arsenal appears here.

Details of all the main series of articles we have developed are here.





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  1. I have it noted that he won 5 junior international caps for Scotland, but cannot substantiate this.

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