The tragedy of James Quayle


James A. Quayle was born in Charlton in 1890 and played left back with Fossdene Old Boys, Old Charlton and Woolwich Polytechnic.

He joined Woolwich Arsenal as an amateur player on 24 August 1907, and although he re-signed for another year on 2 June 1908, he then received an offer from Northfleet, and so moved onto there, playing for two seasons before turning professional and rejoining Woolwich Arsenal on 19 October 1910.

He made just one appearance for the club, as a deputy for Joe Shaw against The Wednesday on 12 November 1910. In the match, which Arsenal won 1-0 he was badly injured and had to leave the field of play.  He did not play football again.  

Also I have been unable to find any further record concerning his life after being forced out of the game.

Here is the list of all the players from this season that we have covered so far.

Player Position Games Goals
Edwin Bateup Goalkeeper 30
George Burdett Goalkeeper 10
Leslie Adair Calder Forward 1
Frederick J Calvert Forward 1
John Chalmers Centre forward 31 16
Alfred Common Inside forward 31 6
Andrew Ducat Wing half 35 3
John Flanagan Inside forward 10 1
Archie Gray Full back 28
David Greenaway Outside right 22 2
Frank Heppinstall Outside left 5
Gordon Rahere Hoare Forward 16 7
Charles Henry Lewis Forward 36 2
Harry Logan Forward 11
Duncan McDonald Full back 1
Roddy McEachrane Half back 32
Angus McKinnon Left half 10
David Neave Outside left 16 3
John Charles Peart Full back 7
James Alfred Quayle Full back 1
Willis Rippon Inside forward 9 2
Percy Sands Centre half 33
Joseph E Shaw Full back 37
Matthew Shortt Inside forward 4
Matthew Thomson Half back 17
Thomas Winship Outside left 6

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This article is part of the series “Henry Norris at the Arsenal”




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  1. Hello, I am the grand daughter of James Quayle — and his great grandson, Timothy Quayle Eng, will be at the Arsenal vs Sporting match on October 25! Please contact me if you would like more information on him.

  2. Hello! – James Alfred was my paternal grandfather. To the best of our knowledge we don’t have any pictures of his football days. Please feel free to contact myself at if you would like further information on his days after football! Thanks!

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