How we predicted the arrival of a £40m midfielder on 25 Sept 2008.

This is our daily review of Arsenal anniversaries taken from the Arsenal day by day  files prepared by the AISA Arsenal History Society.

Below are the Anniversaries from 25 September.

The one we’ve highlighted comes from the very first year of Untold Arsenal when we did indeed suggest we would sign a midfielder for £40m.  In the same article we predicted that Fabregas would go to Barcelona and that I would become Arsenal’s press officer.  Plus a few others that also didn’t happen.


Here’s the full list.   “Also on this day” appears at the end.

25 September 1909: Arsenal’s keeper Hugh MacDonald was injured in 3-2 victory over Chelsea.  Despite the fact that the injury left him seriously immobile he played in the next game and conceded 7.  See also here.

25 September 1911: Man U beat Swindon 8-4 in an early equivalent of the Charity Shield games.  Some of the gate money is said to have been later used to help the survivors of the Titanic.

25 September 1935: Bernard Joy’s first game in a friendly against Rangers.  He played throughout his career as an amateur, and played his first league game in April 1936.

25 September 1963: Arsenal beat Staevnet 7-1 in Fairs Cup. Joe Baker and Geoff Strong each scoring three.  It was Arsenal’s first away game in Europe.

25 September 1991: Ian Wright’s first game: Leicester 1 Arsenal 1 in the league cup.  He scored, naturally.  Arsenal won the second leg 2-0, with Wright scoring again.

25 September 1995: Dave Bowen died.  After managing Wales he re-joined Northampton between 1969 and 1972 as general manager, and later secretary, while also working in journalism (as a reporter for the People) and bookmaking, before finally retiring.  A stand at the Sixfields Stadium is named after him.

25 September 2004:  The 0-1 away defeat of Man City made it 6 wins and 1 draw in the league. Cole scored the goal.  This was also the final match of the longest unbeaten away sequence in league football: 27 games from 5 April 2003.

25 September 2008: Untold Arsenal predicted that Arsenal would sign a midfielder for £40m.  On 2 September 2013 Arsenal signed Mesut Ozil.

Yesterday’s anniversaries were:

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Elsewhere on this day, Confucius was born in 551BC although some accounts quote his birthday as 28 September.  He wrote a lot of stuff, but one of the sayings I rather like is, “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” 


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