Mr Kroenke fails in his pledge to Arsenal fans.

This is our daily review of Arsenal anniversaries taken from the Arsenal day by day  files prepared by the AISA Arsenal History Society.


Below are the Anniversaries from  October 10

Our headline story comes from 2013

10 October 1896: A 5-1 home defeat to Millwall Athletic showed that even three years into their league career, Arsenal were not automatically the top club in the area.

10 October 1903: J G “Tim” Coleman set a club record in scoring in each of the first 6 league matches – getting nine goals in all.

10 October 1950:  Charlie George born.  He played for Islington Schoolboys before joining Arsenal in May 1966. He turned professional in 1968 and made his first-team debut for the club on 9 August 1969

10 October 1956: Arsenal continued their regular friendlies against Racing Club de Paris, this time winning 4-3.

10 October 1960: Arsenal played Northampton to celebrate the first floodlit match at the County Ground.  Arsenal were selected as Northampton had ex-Arsenal man Dave Bowen at their manager, and with a look back to Herbert Chapman who managed both clubs.

10 October 1964: Arsenal lost 3-1 to Tottenham in Geoff Strong’s last game.  Joe Baker scored.  The score was exactly reversed in the return game the following February.

10 October 1966.  Tony Adams born. He signed for Arsenal as a schoolboy in 1980 and made his first start for the first team on 5 November 1983 against Sunderland when he was just past his 17th birthday.

10 October 1970: Newcastle 1 Arsenal 1.  League match 12 of the first Double season; George Graham got the goal.  It meant Arsenal had won exactly half of their league games thus far.

10 October 2013: Fans groups wrote to Mr Kroenke requesting he honour his pledge made in 2011 to meet Arsenal fans.  

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On this day in 1985 Orson Welles died.  He will always be remembered as the man who in 1938 convinced several million Americans that the Martians had landed.


The current series from the Arsenal History Series being developed on this site is  Henry Norris at the Arsenal, covering all aspects off the life and work of the man who rescued Arsenal from extinction, secured the club’s future by moving it to Highbury, and then brought in Herbert Chapman as manager.

The previously untold tale of how it was that Norris came to choose Highbury as the suitable location for Arsenal’s new ground.

The series is being worked on daily, and the articles thus far are here.

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