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October 2021

The day Chapman resigned from Arsenal and was told to go back to work

Below are the anniversaries of Arsenal for 5 April

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The latest article on Henry Norris at the Arsenal is…

When Arsenal hit rock bottom of the League. October 1921

The current series: 

Covering all aspects off the life and work of the man who rescued Arsenal from extinction, secured the club’s future by moving it to Highbury, and then brought in Herbert Chapman as manager, our current series of articles is on Henry Norris at the Arsenal.  The series is being worked on daily, and the articles thus far are here.

A list of many of our major series (including complete detailed reviews of Arsenal in the 30s and Arsenal in the 70s, and links to the anniversaries throughout the year, is given on the AISA Arsenal History Society home page.

Today’s headline story from 1929

Here are the anniversaries…


5 April 1890: Royal Arsenal beat Old Westminsters 3-1 in London Charity Cup Final.  Although the competition continued until the 1970s Arsenal only entered it twice, in 1890 and 1891.

5 April 1902: Arsenal 2 Lincoln 0 made it two defeats in 13 but with two games left after this it was clear Arsenal would not get promotion.   They did end up 4th however, their highest ever position.

5 April 1902: The Ibrox Stadium disaster in which part of the terracing collapsed.  The architect Leitch was implicated, but ultimately found not responsible.  However the disaster tainted his reputation and he subsequently sought work in London, including with Arsenal, Fulham and Chelsea.

5 April 1915: Last game for Tommy Winship in the 1-0 home win against Barnsley.  He had left Arsenal for a few months in 1913 to join Fulham, but then returned.

5 May 1917:  The government introduced the Food Hoarding Order aimed to prevent households from hoarding food that was designated as being in short supply.

5 April 1920: Arsenal 1 WBA 0.  It was the fifth time 40,000+ attended a game at Highbury as crowds came to see the champions elect. Only the game against Chelsea got a higher crowd. Despite winning only 3 in the last 9, and smoke obscuring the pitch during the game, Arsenal won 1-0

5 April 1929: Herbert Chapman resigned as Arsenal manager after a 1-2 home defeat to Newcastle.  In his four seasons thus far Arsenal had been league runners’ up and defeated FA Cup finalists, both previously unachieved, but he felt this was not enough.   His resignation was rejected. The following season Arsenal won the Cup and the season after the League, with a record number of points.

5 April 1930: David Jack was the first Arsenal player to captain England.  He made nine appearances for England at a time when England only played three games a season, and scored three goals.

5 April 1952: Arsenal 1 Chelsea 1.  Arsenal’s ninth FA Cup semi final. Cox scored – one of five FA Cup goals he scored – which is surprising as he only scored three goals in 25 league games during the season.

5 April 1966: 8,738 turned up at Highbury for Arsenal 1 WBA 1.  Aside from the 1914/15 season (where crowds were very low due to the start of the war) this was the lowest crowd at Highbury until the match just one month later which 4,554 attended.  

5 April 1975: John Hartson born.  He was brought in from Luton Town and played 43 league games scoring just 10 goals, before moving on to West Ham.

5 April 1980:  Arsenal 1 Southampton 1.  One of five games in 12 days, caused by the FA cup semi final being replayed three times, and Arsenal’s involvement in the Cup winners Cup.  Alan Sunderland got the goal.

5 April 1987: Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1.  League Cup Final.  Until this moment every commentator would say,  “Liverpool never lose if Rush scores…”  He scored, but two goals from Charlie Nicholas gave Arsenal the League Cup for the first time.

5 April 1997: Chelsea 0 Arsenal 3.  Last game for Ian Selly.  He won the Cup Winners Cup with Arsenal. Wright, Platt and Bergkamp scored as Arsenal fought with Newcastle and Liverpool for third place.

5 April 1998: Wolverhampton 0 Arsenal 1.  FA Cup semi final no 19.  Christopher Wreh scored – it was his only cup goal of the season, as Arsenal moved towards the second Double.  (For a quick guide to season see here)

5 April 2003:  The longest unbeaten away sequence in league football of 27 games begins with an own goal by Kolo Toure in the match against Aston Villa, balanced by a goal at the right end by Ljungburg.

5 April 2007: ITV sold its 10% shareholding in Arsenal to Stan Kroenke.  It had paid £50m for the shares in 2004, and sold for £38m. ITV also started the process of selling its stake in Arsenal Broadband which was completed a year later.

5 April 2008: Traore league début in the match Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1.    He went on to play 13 times for Arsenal before moving on to QPR. The game left Arsenal with just one win in seven, and Arsenal lost the next game as well, before recovering their form.

5 April 2017: Arsenal 3 West Ham 0.  As West Ham fans launched a series of attempts to break into the Arsenal fans section of the ground, referee Atkinson gave probably the worst and most inept display of refereeing that had thus far been seen at the Emirates Stadium.

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