Arsenal quiz of the week

Every day we publish an array of Arsenal anniversaries.

But have you been taking notice of the AISA Arsenal History Society daily anniversary files?  Indeed, maybe you feel you know all there is to know about the history of football and don’t need to.

So if that is the case, here are five questions based around stories that we covered a few days ago.  There are no prizes but it might help pass a Friday as you come down from the excitement of yesterday’s game, if you try and answer these.

1: In Britain in the era after the first world war an issue arose several times which caused away teams in London significant difficulty in completing their away fixtures.  What was it?

a) Bad weather conditions.

b) A series of strikes.

c) Poor roads in the aftermath of the war.

d) Despite the growing use of aeroplanes the League refused to allow clubs to fly to away matches.

2: In the 1930s Arsenal banned radio broadcasts from Highbury.  There was a cetrain irony in this.  What was it?

a) The commentator the BBC used was an Arsenal director.

b) The BBC hated Arsenal and would never broadcast any of their games anyway.

c) Although broadcasts from Highbury were banned as a precautionary measure as war drew close there were no plans to broadcast from the ground anyway.

d) The number of radios in the country was under 10,000 and mostly owned by the upper classes who had no interest in football.

3: The Manager of the Month competition was set up by the BBC in 1993.  Who was the first Arsenal manager to win it.

a) George Graham.

b) Bruce Rioch.

c) Pat Rice.

d) Arsene Wenger.

4: In the spring of 1914 Highbury Stadium was closed for a short period.  Why was that?

a) A wall at the rear of the terracing had fallen down.

b) Tottenham supporters had scrawled graffiti on the stadium entrances, protesting about the move from Plumstead.

c) A pack of rabid dogs had entered the ground and no one was willing to go in and move them.

d) A minor earthquake in north London had caused a small hole to open up near the penalty spot at the Gillespie Road end.

5:  The match between Manchester Utd and Liverpool was clearly fixed on 2 April 1915.  As a direct result what happened?

a) Liverpool were relegated to the 2nd Division.

b) Man U were relegated to the 2nd Division.

c) Chelsea were not relegated to the 2nd Division.

d) Both Liverpool and Man U were forced to apply for re-election to the League.

No prizes, as I say, but if you want to show that you read the Arsenal History Society files you might like to post your answers below.  No cheating by looking up the answers on this site.

I’ll put up the answers on Saturday.


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