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Covering all aspects off the life and work of the man who rescued Arsenal from extinction, secured the club’s future by moving it to Highbury, and then brought in Herbert Chapman as manager, our current series of articles is on Henry Norris at the Arsenal.  The series is being worked on daily, and the articles thus far are here.

A list of many of our major series (including complete detailed reviews of Arsenal in the 30s and Arsenal in the 70s, and links to the anniversaries throughout the year, is given on the AISA Arsenal History Society home page.

Here are the anniversaries.  Our headline comes from 1974

13 April 1895: Harry Storer played on this day for Football League XI and became the first Arsenal player to get representative honours playing for Arsenal but was booed at home,  He was suspended following an “altercation” with supporters and then sold to Liverpool.

13 April 1889: The final game against Millwall Rovers; Arsenal won 3-0.  After this Millwall Rovers became Millwall Athletic, but the games against the biggest local rivals of the era continued.

13 April 1903: Arsenal 0 Leicester 0, as Arsenal finished the season in 3rd – their highest ever position thus far.  Arsenal missed promotion by just three points. 12000 attended the game, but 28,000 turned up a year later when Arsenal were promoted.

13 April 1906: Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 1.  The match was played on Good Friday and resulted in the first 30,000 crowd for a league game at the Manor Ground.

13 April 1918: Arsenal began a series of games for the National War Fund Cup – playing Millwall and Brentford home and away.  Chelsea also played four games but details of how the competition was organised remain elusive.

13 April 1935: Top of the league Arsenal drew 1-1 away to Wolverhampton who were 17th. Hill scored Arsenal’s 100th league goal of the season.  The media considered the result not good enough for a club with championship pretensions.

13 April 1936:  Last game for Ehud “Tim” Rogers.  West Bromwich 1 Arsenal 0. Tim had played 16 league games and scored five goals, and moved on to Newcastle.

13 April 1946: Southampton 1 Arsenal 1, one of the last seven matches of the final wartime league, in the course of which Arsenal won just one.  It was an omen for the return of professional football which was now just four months away.

13 April 1957:  John Barnwell’s league debut – a 1-0 defeat away to Sunderland. He later went on to become a manager (winning the league cup with Wolverhampton) and the Chief Executive of the League Managers’ Association

13 April 1957: It is stated in some quarters that the FA Amateur Cup final was held at Highbury on this day, but this is not so.  However the Amateur Cup final was held 3 times at Highbury: 1929, 1931, and 1947.

13 April 1962: Peter Simpson signed a professional contract.  A member of the first Double team, he played 353 league games for Arsenal and later spent time playing in America before dropping off the radar completely.

13 April 1971: Following Leeds’ draw with Huddersfield the day before, the result in game 36 of the first Double season was everything Arsenal needed: Nottm Forest 0 Arsenal 3.  This left Arsenal two points behind Leeds, with two games in hand. McLintock, Kennedy and George scored.

13 April 1974: Chelsea 1  Arsenal 3. Arsenal crept up to 12th in the league and the press reported for the first time that through skillful editing of such matches the games looked attractive on TV while in fact they were mind-numbingly dull.  Kennedy got two and Radford the other goal. 29,152 turned up at Stamford Bridge (capacity at the time 80,000).

13 April 1976: Arsenal beat Wolverhampton Wanderers at Highbury 2-1 on 13 April.  A crowd of 19,518 was par for the course.

13 April 1998…Arsenal won 4-1 at Blackburn Rovers.  32nd league game of the 2nd Double season.   Bergkamp, Parlour (2) and Anelka got the goals.  It was the 14th game unbeaten. The second double: part 1, part 2, part 3.

13 April 2003: Arsenal 1 Sheffield Utd 0.  FA Cup semi-final played at Old Trafford.  Ljungberg scored the goal on 34 minute. And see here   

13 April 2009,  Kolo Touré demanded a transfer, claiming he could not get on with William Gallas.  Although Mr Hill Wood turned down the request, Toure moved to Man City for £14m on 28 July.  It was a profit of £13,850,000 seven years after he was bought.

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