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For the 2018-19 season The Arsenal History Society is planning a couple of meetings / events well as publication of number 9 in the series of Arsenal History booklets. There will also be a history programme produced for every league match. Below is a brief summary of the Society’s activities since it was formed.

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  • Dial Square to Woolwich Arsenal (Kelly and Attwood),
  • The Start of the Norris Era (Attwood, Kelly and Andrews),
  • Wartime, Promotion and the pre-Chapman Years (Attwood, Kelly and Andrews),
  • Herbert Chapman; Truth & Myth (Attwood),
  • Arsenal after Chapman (Attwood),
  • Tom Whittaker – The End of the Dynasty (Attwood),
  • Arsenal Managers 1956-1966 (Sowman),
  • The Glory Days Reclaimed (Attwood).

Also available and organised by the Arsenal History Society…

POSTCARDS – Two series to date (7 postcards)

MEETINGS / EVENTS – Receptions at the House of Commons, Q+A events with former players, Social events

HISTORY PROGRAMMES – Individual programmes for each league match of the 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons (plus an additional issue for the 2017 FA Cup final)

OTHER PROGRAMMES – Celebrating 100 years in Islington, reproduction of first match programme

Some of the above are still available to purchase – again email  for details.


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