6 July – the day Arsenal’s history (almost) stopped

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6 July: one of the days that almost defeats me in terms of finding Arsenal’s anniversaries.  In fact I can only find two actual real anniversaries – a third is a date which is used to help trace what Henry Norris was up to during the first world war.

Obviously July is a quiet month in football history – one season over and the other yet to start, with few transfer deals going on, and no friendlies.

But even so, here is what I have got.

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6 July 1916: During the 1st world war Arsenal’s chair, Henry Norris, undertook work for the War Office.  The records of this work were destroyed in a fire during the second world war, and so piecing together his work is difficult but we know he worked in Worthing for the WO sorting out recruitment before this date, but was back in London by this date as he made a speech at a Chamber of Commerce event in Fulham. Such is the way the story is recovered – by joining the dots from the information we do have.

6 July. 1959:  David Bowen sold to Northampton Town for £5,000.  He had previously been purchased from Northampton, and now went on to play 22 times for them in the 1959/60 season before retiring.

6 July 1995: Jimmy Carter left on a free transfer for Portsmouth.  Having come from an unsuccessful spell at Liverpool he played just 25 times in four years for Arsenal and had had two loan spells at Oxford.

Reviews of the current news and speculation can be found on Untold Arsenal which continues to publish two or three times a day even during the summer.


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