5 Arsenal FC facts you probably didn’t know

Arsenal FC, as you must be aware was the first ever South England football club to become a part of The Football League in the year 1893.

They made their way into the First Division in 1904 and have scored the second-most number of points since then. The club has been relegated only on one occasion, in the year 1913, and continues to enjoy the longest streak ever in the top division. Many punters who bet regularly on the English Premier League prefer backing Arsenal, as they have always been a fairly reliable side. If you too have been contemplating punting on football matches but didn’t know where to begin, you can get the best betting tips here. Let’s now acquaint you with some amazing Arsenal FC facts that you probably didn’t know till now.

Its’ terrifying history

Prior to the breaking apart of the continents, the North London region was mostly inhabited by Native Americans. The current Arsenal Stadium, the Emirates, is constructed on top of an age-old Indian burial ground. An employee of the club brought his daughter to the football stadium one day and sat her down to watch some television, only to end up being horrified later when a portal inside the stationary closet sucked her inside.

First team to field a completely non-English side

Arsenal became the first ever team to field a completely non-English squad against Crystal Palace in a match in 2005. There was not even an English substitute in that squad. Fortunately for them, they won that game comfortably with a 5-1 score, however, the lack of any English player greatly affected the joy of the club’s fans.

These days Arsene Wenger constantly integrates young British players into the side with the likes of Jack Wilshire, Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain often finding a place in the starting line-ups.

Wembley Pants Party

Who can forget the Charlie George’s famous goal in the 1971 FA Cup final and how we celebrated after that. The celebration was censored heavily in all the newspapers of the time as the player could be seen lying horizontal on the ground with a huge erection inside his blue shorts.

The striker apologised later only after being pressured by the manager Bertie Mee. And how did he do that?! By donating his win bonus to the erectile dysfunction charity of Pele!

How they were about to not sign Thierry Henry at all!

Every Arsenal fan knows that Thierry Henry went on to become the all-time leading scorer for the club, despite having had a pretty hard time at Juventus. Arsene Wenger was almost about to not sign the striker as the player was already in discussions with other European clubs. Wenger and Henry met by chance at a Huey Lewis and the News Concert, and rest, as everyone knows, is history! Here’s what happened in Henry’s first ever game for Arsenal.

Travel ban

The former chairman of Arsenal football club, Peter Hill Wood had once banned the football club from touring Philippines ever, owing to the country’s involvement in the George Graham’s bungs scandal (during the 90s).

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  1. did you know that arsenal are the best team in the world because we have only been relegated once in arsenals exsistence

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