Tottenham refuse to reschedule a game in order to help Arsenal

It has always been the case that when a club wants to have a match rescheduled it can seek to have this done if the League and the other team involved agree.   And generally they do, if it incurs no hardship to the opposition and the problem is caused by a bottleneck of fixtures involving a pile up of cup matches.

But Tottenham have not always seen it this way when Arsenal are involved, despite the fact that it was Arsenal’s vote that allowed them to enter the league in the first place.   1980 was a case in point.

Details, plus the other anniversaries of 9 April, are below.


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9 April 1906: Tottenham 0 Arsenal 0; Southern Professional Charity Cup.  The Cup was played for from 1901 to 1908 between seven or eight teams from London and the south.

9 April 1910: Woolwich Arsenal 0 Bury 0.  Arsenal were on the edge of relegation and also financial collapse.  Chelsea’s poor form however helped Arsenal avoid the former, Henry Norris saved them from destitution.  Also here

9 April 1910:  As the game above went on the group looking to buy out Woolwich Arsenal FC Ltd met and felt secure enough with their pledges of finance to make a bid for the club which the liquidator and George Levey (who had a say in such matters as he was lead creditor) accepted.

9 April 1913: The first colour feature film was shown in Britain: “The World, the Flesh and the Devil.”  It was not quite as gory as the title suggests, dealing as it did with a botched attempt to switch children immediately after they were born.

9 April 1915: George Marks born.  His second and final league appearance in goal for Arsenal was at home in the last match before the second world war which was filmed and used as the basis for The Arsenal Stadium Mystery movie.

9 April 1917: Spencer Bassett died in action.  He had played just one game for Arsenal in 1909 and moved on to Exeter City in 1910 followed by Swansea and Southend.

9 April 1919:  Sir Henry Norris asked if the government would pay for the new uniforms needed by subalterns who had opted to stay on in the Army of Occupation.   The government refused.

9 April 1921: Arsenal 2 Bradford 1.  30,000 saw Toner and Rutherford score.  It was Bradford’s last season in the first division and they went into liquidation in 1974 re-emerging as Bradford PA. This was a very early example of a league match being nominated as a benefit game, in this case for Arsenal’s long serving quartet of Bradshaw, McKinnon, Hardinge and Rutherford with each player guaranteed a minimum of £500.

9 April 1924:  Arthur Shaw born.  He gained notoriety in the cigarette incident in which a reporter from the South Wales Football Echo and Express said several Arsenal players had come out for the second half of a reserve game against Cardiff, smoking.

9 April 1927: Sunderland 5 Arsenal 1.  It was the sixth consecutive defeat during which run 26 goals were conceded and Arsenal sank from 11th to 19th.  However they then won five in a run and finished the season back in 11th.

9 April 1927: An article by Jack Humble, Woolwich Arsenal’s first chairman and a member of the club committee from the 19th century “A tale of 15 sixpences” appeared in The Evening Standard; an important source in the history of the club.

9 April 1930: Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 1.  Charles Preedy began his return as goalkeeper – a run that eventually led to his appearance in the Cup Final – and a winner’s medal

9 April 1943: James Ashcroft died.  He made 303 appearances and was the first goalkeeper to play for us in the first division, the first Arsenal player to play for England (he won three caps), the first Woolwich Arsenal player to get over 300 games, and the first player to play eight consecutive seasons getting over 30 league games a season.

9 April 1938: John Milne’s first international appearance for Scotland v England.  Despite his international success he left the club “unexpectedly” and little is known about what happened thereafter.  This was the third ever televised game and like the previous two was at Highbury.

9 April 1938: Gordon Bremmer who joined from Cartha Athletic made his debut and scored his first goal).   Arsenal approached the match with four wins and a draw in the last five. Arsenal beat Leeds away 1-0.

9 April 1980: Arsenal drew 1-1 with Juventus in the Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final 1st leg, despite Tottenham refusing to reschedule a game with Arsenal and forcing Arsenal also to play two days earlier. (see 7 AprilAnd here

9 April 1988: Steve Williams final senior appearance in Southampton 4 Arsenal 2.  In July he moved on to Luton Town playing 40 times for them, and then 48 times for Exeter City.

9 April 1988: The start of the notorious racial abuse of Paul Davis by Glenn Cockerill of Southampton.  The issue boiled over on 17 September when Davis hit Cockerill and was banned for an unprecedented nine matches in a case using TV evidence.

9 April 2004: Arsenal came back from 2-1 down to beat Liverpool 4-2.  The 31st league game of the unbeaten season.  Henry scored a hat trick, Pires got the other.

8 Replies to “Tottenham refuse to reschedule a game in order to help Arsenal”

  1. How scandalous!! In 1980 you say …… And you chaps at Arse are ALWAYS so nice to us too ……

  2. but arsenal went through to the final regardless of the unthinkable and disgraceful behaviour of spurs. and then in nine days lost the fa cup final to west ham on may10, four days later lost on penalties in the cup winners’ cup final (brady and rix missing, the two star players-who would have thought) and then went to middlesbrough needing to not lose by more than three goals to get into europe the next season. and lost 5-0. what a nine day period

  3. Well we did vote for Tottenham to get into the Football League when they were stranded without a league after the Southern League would not take them back. Without Arsenal’s vote Tottenham woul have been leagueless.

  4. This will be the same Tottenham who let Arse play at White Hart Lane in the war? Get over yourself gooners.

  5. So, Bribery and corruption doesn’t warrant a note, and youre supposed to be able to give a reflection of your clubs history? Whether or not you voted, is was when Arsenal were in South London and a struggling non entity? How about giving a real history lesson on how Arsenal conned, bribed and cheated their way into the first division? Who says crime doesnt pay?

  6. If you are interested in the bribery and corruption, may I suggest you read the series, on this site, “Henry Norris at the Arsenal” you will find the link to it under the Pages listings on the right side of the page. And then having read it please come back and comment further.

  7. Peter if you are going to cite historical issues you need to add a full perspective. Tottenham played at Highbury – the Highbury they didn’t want Arsenal to move to, in the first world war. Not mentioning that makes your comment look a little biased.

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