Arsenal’s lost players and their families: Logie and Calvert

By Tony Attwood

We regularly get emails from readers looking for information about relatives who may have played for Arsenal.  While the list of players who played for the club is published in several places (Wiki has a list, and we have a list with links to articles on this site (Arsenal players A-K and Arsenal Players L to Z) and indeed many other sources do, but generally these only include players who played for Arsenal in the League.

Players who only played friendlies, FA Cup games early on, wartime games etc are often missing although TheArsenalHistory has a very comprehensive list of players although it has to be searched year by year.  But as yet even here, with such a vast database, there is nothing on London Combination and Football Combination games.  At least not that I have been able to find.   Indeed if you have or know where to find details of London Combination games up to 1927 I’d be particularly please do see that.

When I get these requests, if I have the information of course I reply, but I don’t think it would be at all right to pass on email addresses of other people who have written in, and when I have tried to put people in touch I’ve found it takes me too much time.

So what I thought I would do when I get such requests for information is this.    I’ll put them up as an article along with the suggestion as where to look, and if information does come to the fore I will add the player to the two indexes on this site noted above.

Here are two new requests, and deatils of other recent requests…

Jimmy Logie’s family

As a young girl i was told jimmy logie was my uncle through marriage. Thats the reson i started supporting Arsenal and am forever grateful for that. Does anyone kmow his wifes name. Was her surname Parker?

In relation to 

Fred Calvert

In relation to Two of Arsenal’s most mysterious players: missing from the official list, but they certainly played.

Hi there, could you tell me if you have a photographic image of Fred Calvert? Maybe even in a team line up.

Other lost players stories

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