18 victories over Tottenham Hotspur on video

This is part of the Arsenal Historic Videos collection.   The collection comes in two parts – videos related to specific days in the year, and videos related to a specific club.  This is obviously part of the latter collection.

You can find the index to both collections here 

Hope you enjoy some of this.  We had great fun putting the collection together!

Arsenal v Tottenham: the collection

5 September 1970: Arsenal beat Tottenham on the way to the Double

9 December 1972: 

26 April 1975: Arsenal v Tottenham as Tottenham seek to avoid relegation: the video

10 September 1988: A surreal free for all.  The ultimate Tottenham game

31 March 2001: A minute’s silence for Rocky then taking Tottenham apart

16 November 2002: The greatest goal ever against Tottenham

15 December 2002:  

8 Nov 2003: Beating Tottenham in the unbeaten season

13 November 2004: The amazing Tottenham 4 Arsenal 5

3 December 2006: Gilberto Silva is captain in this superb win over Tottenham

31 January 2007:  Beating Tottenham 3-1 oh what fun!

15 September 2007: The Tottenham Arsenal game with the most brilliant goals

31 October 2009: Cesc scores the ultimate goal of the season – beating Tottenham

17 November 2012: Slamming five past Tottenham

1 September 2013: Arsenal v Tottenham 2013

16 March 2014:  That wonderful Rosicky screamer against Tottenham at the very start

23 September 2015: Beating Tottenham in 2015

15 May 2016:  Swamping Villa and destroying Tottenham and Arteta’s last goal





2 Replies to “18 victories over Tottenham Hotspur on video”

  1. So Arsenal finished above Tottenham for 22 consecutive years, and yes did a bit of crowing with the “It’s happened again” song. And you are celebrating after five years? At least do the decent thing and wait until you catch up – only another 17 years to go.
    Oh and just in case you want to change the focus of attention the results between the two clubs currently stands at
    Games won: Arsenal 83
    Games drawn: 54
    Games won Tottenham 66
    Oh yes, another 17 to go.

    I didn’t bring that up in the article, but I’m glad you reminded me. “Mugs” indeed.

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