29 December 2012: Media ignores Arsenal’s sensational seven goal triumph

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You might think that a win by 7-3 against Newcastle would leave even the most fanatical and gnarled anti-Arsenal journalist finally showing some remorse and admitting Arsenal could do well, or at least be entertaining.   But no.   When Arsenal beat Newcastle on this day in 2012 by seven goals to three, there was no celebration of positive football and general rejoicing at just how far the game had moved from the dire days of goalless draws.

There was much focus on the notion that Theo Walcott (as we were told in virtually every media outlet) was out of contract in the summer and liable to leave on a free.  And in the early stages Newcastle kept on pegging Arsenal back, as each time we scored, so they scored.   According to the media, our last four goals came because Newcastle were tired from a heavy schedule.  Nothing to do with Arsenal at all.

Although it was also said that Arsenal should and would have had eight had Giroud not been so profligate – he hit the bar after we had seven.

The fans were miffed about Walcott too (according to the media) and the chant of “Sign him up” at the end revealed the fans growing frustration with Mr Wenger rather than a celebration of Theo’s skills.  At least according to the media.

Indeed as Jonathan Pearce of the BBC put it, “Seven goals for Arsenal, three for the excellent Theo Walcott. Arsenal need to sign him up.”

Oh yes, and it wasn’t that good anyway, because Newcastle hadn’t won away all season.  And they had four days less than Arsenal to prepare for this game which was hardly sporting.   And had Ba not headed just over from Marveaux’s corner, well it all could have been so different.

And what’s more, Arsenal were lucky that Newcastle played a high defensive line.

Besides Bacary Sagna conceded a needless free-kick outside the box and Ba’s set-piece showed how lucky Arsenal were.  Indeed it could have gone either way had Newcastle just been able to steady themselves at 3-3.

In fact, Arsenal only won because Newcastle tired.   And the Arsenal goals were all soft goals (as the Newcastle manager, a Mr A Pardew, said, and was fulsomely quoted in this regard.)

Besides Newcastle had just played Manchester United on a very heavy pitch and they were tired after that game.

Yep, according to the media, it was clearly a very lucky 7-3 win for Arsenal.  What would we do without those journalists on hand to set us straight?  Oh yes, and please don’t mention that at this point Arsenal were the second-highest scoring side in the league.

Oh yes and we’d already had other results such as…

15 Sep 2012 Arsenal v Southampton 6-1 Premier League
26 Sep 2012 Arsenal v Coventry City 6-1 League Cup
30 Oct 2012 Reading v Arsenal 5-7 League Cup
17 Nov 2012 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur 5-2 Premier League
17 Dec 2012 Reading v Arsenal 2-5 Premier League

But no, best not mention that. At least, most of the media didn’t.



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