Arsenal games against Watford: the videos of past matches

Day by Day: the videos – An Arsenal video for (almost) every day of the year in order. 

Day by Day: the stories a key moment in Arsenal and footballing history for each day of the year

Arsenal in March – all the anniversaries day by day 

The Arsenal History Society website has around 350 videos of Arsenal on it and so not surprisingly the site has six videos of victories against Watford – here they are…

1: Arsenal beat Watford 3-4 away  1984

2. Henry beats Watford 2006

3.  Beating Watford 3-0 in 2015

Click here for the video

4. Arsenal get their first win of the season,

Beating Watford: the video 2016

5.  Putting four past Watford 2016

6: Leno’s debut. 2018

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